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Do we respond to all requests for assistance?

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We are a demand driven organization. However, our response to a request from a client country hinges on the fulfillment of a number of pre-conditions:

  • We emphasize a demand-driven approach to ensure there is a strong commitment from the top leaders in the country to a transparent, open, and participatory reform process.

  • We request the formation of a "steering committee" including the top leadership as well as representatives from civil society and the private sector. This top-level committee is charged with designing a strategy and an action program, as well as monitoring their implementation through ‘task forces’ or ‘technical committees’.

  • To ensure there is a good understanding of the fundamental governance and anti-corruption problems, we generally propose conducting empirical diagnostic work as an entry point. Out triangulated survey of households, public officials and business enterprises, and a rigorous analysis of the data gathered, helps us to suggest programs that will begin to address the governance problems in the country.

  • We discourage "one-off" activities, emphasizing a long-term commitment to an integrated program that addresses not only anti-corruption, but an overall governance program as well.

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