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Interactive Inventory of Governance Datasets

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3Consolidated matrix of both internal and external governance datasets and instruments 
(133 kb Excel file)
In response to the growing demand by policymakers, civil society groups, aid donors, and scholars around the world, over the past decade we have witnessed a proliferation of datasets measuring quality of institutions, governance and corruption. These included pioneering studies such as the World Bank's Worldwide Governance Indicators, comprising six different governance components for over 200 countries, and Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index, as well as measures generated from enterprise surveys like the ones carried out by the World Bank or by the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness program.

While these indicators and surveys are relatively well known, however they are not the only datasets available; far from it. The question of “what other works are available?” is frequently asked by academics, policy makers, civil society and journalists. Depending on the desired goal of the user, a particular dataset and related tool is likely to serve as a match than others. Thus, it is useful to provide an inventory of the available datasets on governance, in order to facilitate the user’s access to a broad spectrum of such data, and to let the user decide which one is most relevant. For each dataset, we provide some basic information and characteristics, including its web link. Where we have found no web links, we have provided email addresses of the developers for contact by individuals for access to data. The total number of datasets in this inventory exceeds 160. And this only includes datasets and associated empirical tools where actual data exists and is made accessible to the user. Such proliferation argues for providing an interactive and web-friendly compilation of the list of datasets.  

This inventory of governance data sets organizes sources into three different matrices, which the user can quickly review or scroll:

  1. External governance datasets and instruments (from outside of the World Bank, and/or indicators by Bank researchers based on outside data)
  2. Internal World Bank governance datasets and empirical tools (the latter restricted to those that contain accessible data)
  3. Consolidated matrix of both external and internal governance datasets and instruments. The data sets have been arranged in alphabetical order

Since this is an ongoing initiative, we are likely to be missing some datasets. User feedback, corrections, additions, and further suggestions on how to improve this web-based governance database inventory are most welcomed. For submission of additional data sets, corrections or feedback, please write us at We will be regularly updating this inventory of governance databases. 



Our compilation would not have been possible, if it were not for the work already carried out by others. Outside of the World Bank we want to acknowledge in particular the compendium by M. Besançon (2003), and within the Bank we are grateful by the collaboration and inputs of many colleagues. Some key references are listed at the end of this note. 

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