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The World Bank Institute has participated in the elaboration of a number of books in governance and anticorruption. To learn more about these publications, read others’ comments on them, or make a comment yourself, please select ‘Abstract’.

  • Anticorruption in Transition 2 - Corruption in Enterprise-State Interactions in Europe and Central Asia 1999-2002 (ACT2)
    March 2004 •
    World Bank Press Release Full text

  • Money in Politics Handbook: A Guide to Increasing Transparency in Emerging Democracies
    A publication of the USAID Office of Democracy and Governance Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance • November 2003 • G. Ward, M. Pinto-Duschinsky, H. Alexander, IFES • Full text (1.71 Mb pdf)

  • Pathways Out of Poverty: Private Firms and Economic Mobility in Developing Countries
    September 2003 Edited by G. Fields and G. Pfeffermann

  • Investment Climate Around the World: Voices of the Firms from the World Business Environment Survey
    May 2003 • G. Batra, D. Kaufmann and A. Stone

  • African Media Online, Second Edition (an Internet handbook for African journalists, useful for all journalists)
    February 2001 • Edited by K. Naidoo
    Abstract • Full text (205 kb pdf)

  • The Quality of Growth (a new book on development published by Oxford University Press)
    September 2000 • V. Thomas, M. Dailami, A. Dhareshwar, D. Kaufmann, N. Kishor, R. E. Lopez, and Y. Wang

  • Helping Countries Combat Corruption: Progress at the World Bank since 1997
    September 2000 • OCS/PREM
    Abstract  Full text (400 kb pdf)

  • TI Source Book 2000 - Confronting Corruption: The Elements of a National Integrity System
    2000 • Jeremy Pope
    Full text

  • Anticorruption in Transition: A Contribution to the Policy Debate
    September 2000 • A World Bank Publication
    Abstract  Full text (400 kb pdf)

  • Corrupt Cities: A Practical Guide to Cure and Prevention
    2000 • R. Klitgaard, R. Maclean-Abaroa, and H. L. Parris

  • Curbing Corruption
    2000 • Edited by R. Stapenhurst and S. Kpundeh

  • A review of Corruption and the Global Economy (a publication of the International Institute of Economics)
    1997 • Review by D. Kaufmann, book by K. A. Elliott
    Full text in English (39 kb pdf) • Texto completo en español (40 kb pdf) • Texte complète en français (34 kb pdf) • Complete text in Chinese (742 kb pdf) • Complete text in Arabic (422 kb pdf)

  • New Perspectives on Curbing Corruption (a Joint TI/WBI Publication)
    September 1998 • Compiled by D. Kaufmann, M. Schloss, and WBI/TI colleagues

  • Action Programs in Brief: Towards Collective Action to Improve Governance and Control Corruption in Seven African Countries ("Durban Conference Volume")
    October 1999 • Country teams from Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda

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