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State Capture and Influence

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Both research and operational writings from the various governance projects at the World Bank Institute can be found organized by category under  Working Papers & Articles. If you would like to know more about a paper, see what others think, or make a comment, click on "Abstract". To download a paper directly, click on "Full Text." For additional resources such as articles in Other Languages  click here; for selected media articles referring to the World Bank Institute's Governance Work  click here.

Governance Matters VI: Governance Indicators for 1996-2006 
July 2007 • D. Kaufmann, A. Kraay, and M. Mastruzzi
Abstract + Full Text (778 kb pdf)

Governance Matters V: Governance Indicators for 1996-2005 
September 2006 • D. Kaufmann, A. Kraay, and M. Mastruzzi
Abstract • Full Text (184 kb pdf)

Legal Corruption
October, 2005 •
D. Kaufmann and P. C. Vicente, Second Draft
Abstract • Full Text (765 kb pdf)

Click Refresh Button: Investment Climate Reconsidered
March 2005 edition of Development Outreach • D. Kaufmann
View article (146 kb pdf)

Governing the Investment Climate
March 2005 edition of Development Outreach • R. M. Desai and S. Pradhan
View article (876 kb pdf)

Human Rights and Governance: The Empirical Challenge  
2004 • Daniel Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (331 kb pdf)

Corruption, Governance and Security: Challenges for the Rich Countries and the World
September 2004 • D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (1.35 mb pdf)

The Inequality of Influence
December 2002 • J. Hellman and D. Kaufmann
Abstract •Full text (98 kb pdf)

Far From Home: Do Foreign Investors Import Higher Standards of Governance in Transition Economies?
August 2002 • J. Hellman, G. Jones, and D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (120 kb pdf)

Rethinking Governance: Empirical Lessons Challenge Orthodoxy
March 2003 • D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (232 kb pdf) • Executive Summary (20 kb pdf) • Abstracto en español • Texto completo en español (117 kb pdf)

Growth Without Governance (Economía, Volume 3, Number 1)
Fall 2002 • D. Kaufmann and A. Kraay
Abstract • Full text (234 kb pdf)

Seize the State, Seize the Day: State Capture, Corruption, and Influence in Transition Economies (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2444)
September 2000 • J. Hellman, G. Jones, and D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Synthesis (168 kb pdf) • Full text (SSRN, 464 kb pdf) • Synthesis in Russian (1.2 Mb pdf)

Confronting the Challenge of State Capture in Transition Economies 
(from the IMF's Finance and Development)
September 2001 • J. Hellman and D. Kaufmann
View article •
 Texto completo en español (306 kb pdf) • Texte complete en français (306 kb pdf) • Full text in Russian (1.16 Mb pdf) • Full text in Chinese (1.19 Mb pdf) • Full text in Arabic (950 kb pdf)

Are Foreign Investors and Multinational Engaging in Corrupt Practices in Transition Economies? (from "Transition")
May–July 2000 • J. Hellman, G. Jones, and D. Kaufmann
Article summary • Full text
(31 kb pdf) • Full text in Russian (537 kb pdf)

State Capture: Who Represents the Poor? (from "WBI Development Outreach")
Winter 2001 • L. Moreno Ocampo
View article

Beyond the ‘Grabbing Hand’ of Government in Transition: Facing Up to 'State Capture' by the Corporate Sector (from "Transition")
August 2000 • J. Hellman, G. Jones, and D. Kaufmann
Article summary • Full text (63 kb pdf)
Full text in Russian (182 kb pdf)

Measuring Governance, Corruption, and State Capture: How Firms and Bureaucrats Shape the Business Environment in Transition Economies 
(World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2312)
April 2000 • J. Hellman, G. Jones, D. Kaufmann, and M. Schankerman
Abstract • Full text (600 kb pdf)

Data Set on State Capture and Governance in Transition (BEEPS)
Download dataset (231 kb xls)

Anticorruption in Transition: A Contribution to the Policy Debate (ECA Volume)
September 2000 • A World Bank Publication
Abstract • Full text (400 kb pdf)

Slide presentation on Governance and Controlling Corruption Is Central for Socioeconomic Development and Growth: New Reports and Evidence
November 2000 • D. Kaufmann
Complete slide set (568 kb PowerPoint presentation

Slide presentations on New Research Findings on State Capture and Governance in Transition (Synthesis)
Abridged slide set (147 kb PowerPoint presentation

Slide presentation on"Unbundling" Governance and Corruption: Some New Empirical Findings and Collective Action Approaches 
(from presentation at Anti-Corruption Summit 2000)
September 2000 • D. Kaufmann and colleagues
Complete slide set (195 kb PowerPoint presentation)

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