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Governance Diagnostic Capacity Building

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The ability to monitor governance and its impact is a priority for developing countries that aim to strengthen the effectiveness of their government. This monitoring activity requires a multi-disciplinary national capacity, both human and institutional, which is weak in many developing countries. This program aims to strengthen the capacity of countries through:

  1. targeted technical assistance for the design and implementation of country diagnostic surveys and governance action plans,
  2. 'learning by doing' activities and training (traditional and e*based), and
  3. partnerships between the government and civil society organizations.

Governance Diagnostic Capacity Building Highlights

About the Program
Pilot Courses and Clinics
Countries with Diagnostic Surveys
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The key building block of this program is the simultaneous implementation of diagnostic tools by local stakeholders. These diagnostic tools are designed to facilitate governance monitoring activity by providing inputs to policy makers and civil society. Furthermore, the participatory design and implementation of diagnostic surveys allow to:

  1. foster learning through the close collaboration between external experts and local counterparts;
  2. promote long-term, sustainable partnerships between government and civil society;
  3. obtain a benchmark for governance and public sector performance; and
  4. monitor on a regular basis governance and public sector performance.

The analysis developed with this approach also helps build consensus among key stakeholders, who are encouraged to make use of the results to promote a constructive debate on institutional reform for better governance.


What's New
1.Workshop on Governance and Anticorruption: From Assessment to Practice (pdf in French)
2.Pilot Courses and Clinics
3.Governance & Statistical Capacity Building
4.Countries with Governance Diagnostic Surveys
5.Ongoing e-discussion on capacity building

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