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Both research and operational writings from the various governance projects at the World Bank Institute can found organized by category under  Working Papers & Articles. If you would like to know more about a paper, see what others think, or make a comment, click on "Abstract". To download a paper directly, click on "Full Text." For additional resources such as articles in Other Languages click here; for selected media articles referring to the World Bank Institute's Governance Work  click here.


Governance Indicators: Where Are We, Where Should We Be Going?
January 2008 • Daniel Kaufmann and Aart Kraay
Abstract • Full Text (256 kb pdf)


Corruption and Fraud Detection by Supreme Audit Institutions

2007 • Kenneth Dye

Abstract • Full Text (128 kb pdf)


Corruption in Tax Administration

2007 • Mahesh Purohit

Abstract • Full Text (127 kb pdf)


Disrupting Corruption

2007 • Omar Azfar

Abstract • Full Text (164 kb pdf)


Tailoring the Fight against Corruption to Country Circumstances

2007 • Anwar Shah

Abstract • Full Text (147 kb pdf)

Measuring Corruption: Myths and Realities
May 2006 • Daniel Kaufmann, Aart Kraay and Massimo Mastruzzi
First Draft (27 kb pdf)

Corruption and Decentralized Public Governance

January, 2006 • Anwar Shah

Abstract • Full Text (320 kb pdf)

Legal Corruption
October 2005 • Daniel Kaufmann and Pedro C. Vicente, Second Draft
Abstract • Full Text (765 kb pdf)

Myths and Realities of Governance and Corruption
September 2005 • Daniel Kaufmann
Abstract • Full Text (129 kb pdf)

Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index: Whose Perceptions Are They Anyway?

March 2005 Theresa Thompson and Anwar Shah

Abstract • Full Text (214 kb pdf)


Localization and Corruption: Panacea or Pandora’s Box?

January 2005 • Anwar Shah, Tugrul Gurgur

Abstract • Full Text (244 kb pdf)


Combating Corruption: Look Before You Leap

December 2004 Anwar Shah and Mark Schacter

Abstract • Full Text (118 kb pdf)

Corruption, Governance and Security: Challenges for the Rich Countries and the World
September 2004 • D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (1.35 mb pdf)

Governance Redux: The Empirical Challenge
2004 • D. Kaufmann Chapter in Global Competitiveness Report 2003-2004, World Economic Forum
Abstract • Full text (177 kb pdf)

Governance Matters III: Governance Indicators for 1996–2002
May 2003 • D. Kaufmann, A. Kraay and M. Mastruzzi
Abstract • Full text (604 kb pdf)

Rethinking Governance: Empirical Lessons Challenge Orthodoxy
March 2003 • D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (232 kb pdf) • Executive Summary (20 kb pdf) • Abstracto en español • Texto completo en español (117 kb pdf)

The Firms Speak: What the World Business Environment Survey Tells Us about Constraints on Private Sector Development
Chapter 9 in Pathways Out of Poverty: Private Firms and Economic Mobility in Developing Countries, eds. G. Fields and G. Pfefferman, Kluwer Academic Publishers
2003 • G. Batra, D. Kaufmann and A.H.W. Stone
Abstract • Full text (113 kb pdf)

Growth Without Governance (Economía, Volume 3, Number 1)
Fall 2002 • D. Kaufmann and A. Kraay
Abstract • Full text (234 kb pdf)

Voice or Public Sector Management? An Empirical Investigation of Determinants of Public Sector Performance based on a Survey of Public Officials
June 2002 • D. Kaufmann, G. Mehrez and T. Gurgur
Abstract • Full text (897 kb pdf)

Sustained Macroeconomic Reforms, Tepid Growth: A Governance Puzzle in Bolivia?
February 2002 • D. Kaufmann, M. Mastruzzi and D. Zavaleta
Abstract • Full text (1.17 Mb pdf)

Confronting the Challenge of State Capture in Transition Economies 
(from the IMF's Finance and Development)
September 2001 • J. Hellman and D. Kaufmann
View article • Texto completo en español (306 kb pdf) • Texte complete en français (306 kb pdf) • Full text in Russian (1.16 Mb pdf) • Full text in Chinese (1.19 Mb pdf) • Full text in Arabic (950 kb pdf)

Anti-corruption Policies and Programs: A Framework for Evaluation, Vol. 1

December 2000 Anwar Shah and Jeff Huther

Abstract  Full Text (1.68 mb)

Coalition-Building to Fight Corruption
November 2000 • M. González de Asis
Abstract • Full text (91 kb pdf)

Slide presentation on Governance and Controlling Corruption Is Central for Socioeconomic Development and Growth: New Reports and Evidence
November 2000 • D. Kaufmann
Complete slide set (568 kb PowerPoint presentation)

Reducing Corruption at the Local Level
October 2000 • M. González de Asis
Abstract • Full text (113 kb pdf)

Seize the State, Seize the Day: State Capture, Corruption, and Influence in Transition Economies (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2444)
September 2000 • J. Hellman, G. Jones, and D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Synthesis (168 kb pdf) • Full text (SSRN, 464 kb pdf) • Synthesis in Russian (1.2 Mb pdf)

Tax Evasion, Corruption, and the Remuneration of Heterogeneous Inspectors (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2394)
July 2000 • W. Wane
Abstract • Full text (341 kb pdf)

Governance Matters: From Measurement to Action (from the IMF's Finance and Development)
June 2000 • D. Kaufmann, A. Kraay, and P. Zoido-Lobatón
Full text • View datasets • Full text in Arabic (426 kb pdf) • Full text in Russian (192 kb pdf) • Versión en español (122 kb pdf) • Version française (122 kb pdf)

Why Do Firms Hide? Bribes and Unofficial Activity After Communism (from Journal of Public Economics)
June 2000 • S. Johnson, D. Kaufmann, J. McMillan, and C. Woodruff
Abstract • Full text (110 kb pdf)

Corruption and the Composition of Foreign Direct Investment: Firm-Level Evidence (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2360)
June 2000 • B. K. Smarzynska and S. J. Wei
Abstract • Full text (80 kb pdf)

Dodging the Grabbing Hand: The Determinants of Unofficial Activity in 69 Countries (from Journal of Public Finance)
June 2000 • E. Friedman, S. Johnson, D. Kaufmann, and P. Zoido-Lobatón
Abstract • Full text (62 kb pdf)

Reducing Corruption: Lessons from Venezuela (World Bank PREMNote 39)
May 2000 • M. González de Asis
Abstract • Full text (153 kb pdf)

Measuring Governance, Corruption, and State Capture: How Firms and Bureaucrats Shape the Business Environment in Transition Economies (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2312)
April 2000 • J. Hellman, G. Jones, D. Kaufmann, and M. Schankerman
Abstract • Full text (600 kb pdf)

Decentralization and Corruption: Evidence Across Countries (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2290)
February 2000 • R. Fisman and R. Gatti
Abstract • Full text (35 kb pdf)

The Media’s Role in Curbing Corruption (World Bank Institute Working Paper)
2000 • R. Stapenhurst
Abstract • Full text (208 kb pdf)

Corruption and Trade Tariffs, or a Case for Uniform Tariffs (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2216)
November 1999 • R. Gatti
Abstract • Full text (72 kb pdf)

Corruption Under Moral Hazard (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2204)
October 1999 • G. S. Eskeland and H. Thiele
Abstract • Full text (285 kb pdf)

Governance Matters (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2196)
October 1999 • D. Kaufmann, A. Kraay, and P. Zoido-Lobatón
Abstract • Full text (324 kb pdf) • Abstract and full text from SSRN • Síntesis en español (33 kb pdf) • Full text in Russian (832 kb pdf) • View datasets

New Frontiers in World Bank Programs (Technical Notes from USAID's Global Center for Democracy and Governance)
June 1999 • D. Kaufmann and P. Dininio
Full text

Can Corruption Be Measured? Bank Offers Diagnostic Tools to Measure and Combat Corruption in Member Countries (from World Bank newsletter Bank's World)
June 1999 • Bank’s World publication staff
Article summary • Full text (118 kb pdf)

Does ‘Grease Money’ Speed Up the Wheels of Commerce? (National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 7093)
April 1999 • D. Kaufmann and S. J. Wei
Abstract • Full text (1,084 kb pdf)

New Frontiers in Diagnosing and Combating Corruption (World Bank PREMNote 7)
October 1998 • D. Kaufmann, S. Pradhan, and R. Ryterman
Abstract • Full text (200 kb pdf) • Versión en español (122 kb pdf)

Challenges in the Next Stage of Anti-Corruption (from New Perspectives on Combating Corruption)
September 1998 • D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (382 kb pdf) • Versión en español (361 kb pdf)

Pillars of Integrity: The Importance of Supreme Audit Institutions (from New Perspectives on Combating Corruption)
September 1998 • K. Dye and R. Stapenhurst
Abstract • Full text (168 kb pdf)

Corruption and Development (in the IMF's Finance and Development)
March 1998 • C. Gray and D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (206 kb pdf) • Versión en español (185 kb pdf) • Texte complete en français (238 kb pdf) • Auf Deutsch (148 kb pdf) • Chinese version (906 kb pdf) • Full text in Arabic (807 kb pdf)

Applying a Simple Measure of Good Governance to the Debate of Fiscal Decentralization (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 1894)
March 1998 • J. Huther and A. Shah
Abstract • Full text (64 kb pdf)

Social Marketing to Fight Corruption (World Bank Institute Working Paper)
1998 • G. S. Kindra and R. Stapenhurst
Abstract • Full text (193 kb pdf)

High-Level Rent Seeking and Corruption in African Regimes: Theory and Cases (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 1780)
June 1997• J. Coolidge and S. Rose-Ackerman
Abstract • Full text (140 kb pdf)

Corruption: The Facts (from Foreign Policy)
Summer 1997 • D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (39 kb pdf)

Privatization and Corruption in Transition Economies (from Journal of International Affairs)
Winter 1997 • D. Kaufmann and P. Siegelbaum
Abstract • Full text (200 kb pdf)

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