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Both research and operational writings from the various governance projects at the World Bank Institute can found organized by category under  Working Papers & Articles. If you would like to know more about a paper, see what others think, or make a comment, click on "Abstract". To download a paper directly, click on "Full Text." For additional resources such as articles in Other Languages click here; for selected media articles referring to the World Bank Institute's Governance Work  click here.


Local Fiscal Discipline: Fiscal Prudence, Transparency, and Accountability
2007 • Alta F
Abstract •  Full Text (160 kb pdf)

Transparenting Transparency: Initial Empirics and Policy Applications
September 2005
 • A. Bellver and D. Kaufmann • World Bank Policy Research Working Paper (forthcoming)
 Full Text (438 kb pdf)

Myths and Realities of Governance and Corruption
September 2005  D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full Text (129 kb pdf)

Governance Matters III: Governance Indicators for 1996–2002
May 2003 • D. Kaufmann, A. Kraay and M. Mastruzzi
Abstract  Full text (604 kb pdf)

Governance Indicators, Aid Allocation and the Millennium Challenge Account Draft for comments
December 2002 • D. Kaufmann and A. Kraay
Abstract • Full text (71 kb pdf) • Executive Summary (11 kb pdf)

Governance and Growth: Causality Which Way?
February 2003 • D. Kaufmann and A. Kraay
Full text (48 kb pdf)

Rethinking Governance: Empirical Lessons Challenge Orthodoxy
March 2003 • D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (232 kb pdf) • Executive Summary (20 kb pdf) • Abstracto en español • Texto completo en español (117 kb pdf)

Growth Without Governance (Economía, Volume 3, Number 1)
Fall 2002 • D. Kaufmann and A. Kraay
Abstract • Full text (234 kb pdf)

Governance Matters (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2196)
October 1999 • D. Kaufmann, A. Kraay, and P. Zoido-Lobatón
Abstract  Full text (324 kb pdf) • Abstract and full text from SSRN  Síntesis en español (33 kb pdf) • Full text in Russian (832 kb pdf) • View datasets

Governance Matters: From Measurement to Action (from the IMF's Finance and Development)
June 2000 • D. Kaufmann, A. Kraay, and P. Zoido-Lobatón
Full text • View datasets • Full text in Arabic (426 kb pdf) • Full text in Russian (192 kb pdf) • Versión en español (122 kb pdf) • Version française (122 kb pdf)

Strengthening Oversight by Legislatures (World Bank PREMNote 74)
October 2002 • N. Manning and R. Stapenhurst
Abstract • Full text (64 kb pdf)

Towards Transparency in Finance and Governance (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper)
September 1999 • T. Vishwanath and D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (130 kb pdf)

Predicting Currency Fluctuations and Crises: Do Resident Firms Have an Informational Advantage? (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2259)
December 1999 • D. Kaufmann, G. Mehrez, and S. Schmukler
Abstract  Full text (202 kb pdf) • Síntesis en español (33 kb pdf)

Transparency, Liberalization, and Financial Crises (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2286)
February 1999 • G. Mehrez and D. Kaufmann
Abstract • Full text (74 kb pdf)

Does the Invisible Hand Need a Transparency Glove? The Politics of Transparency (paper prepared for ABCDE Conference April 28–30, 1999)
April 1999 • A. Florini
Abstract • Full text (109 kb pdf)

La pirámide financiera MMM (article in Revista Perspectivas [Chile])
May 1998 • D. Kaufmann
View complete article (87 kb pdf)


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