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Media Mentions Archive: 2003


We regularly gather news articles and other media mentions of governance and anti-corruption issues in the news. Whilst we hope this is a useful reference for you, the World Bank is not responsible for the views expressed in non-World Bank publications/articles. Nor is the World Bank specifically endorsing one publication over another. Furthermore, not all of the articles below are available for download due to copyright restrictions. If you would like a full copy of articles that are not available for download on our website, please contact the respective news sources.

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Fighting corruption Nigeria still lagging
By Ntai Bagshaw, Daily Independent Online, Nigeria, 18 December 2003

"Nigeria currently ranks as the world's second most corrupt nation, a feat many, sarcastically, say was achieved after the nation bribed Cameroun to take the back seat. Although regarded..."

UN hosts anti-corruption convention, 12 December 2003) [also as UN gets broad anti-corruption support (Jang Group of Newspapers, Pakistan, 14 December 2003)

"A UN anti-corruption convention won broad support on Thursday as 94 countries signed on to cooperate in the international fight. "The document was a convention with teeth," Antonio Maria Costa..."

Cost of Corruption is $1.5 trillion a year
The Indian Express, 12 December 2003

"Corruption cost represents five per cent of the world economy - or more than $1.5 trillion a year, according to World Bank figures published at a United Nations conference on corruption..."

Trillion-dollar scourge of corruption under attack, as UN conference closes in Mérida
UN Press Release, 11 December 2003

"Ninety-four countries attending the UN Convention Against Corruption over the last three days in Merida, Mexico, have signed “a convention with teeth”, said Antonio Maria Costa..."

UN Anti-Corruption Conference Calls For Government-Backed Reforms
Wall Street Journal, 11 December 2003

"Officials from several countries gathered in Mexico to fight the world's $1.5 trillion corruption industry called Wednesday for measures to curb graft - which siphons off..."

Cost of corruption at 1.5 trillion dollars a year: experts
(also on (by Pedro de la Llata, Agence France-Presse, 11 December 2003)

"The cost of corruption represents five percent of the world economy -- or more than 1.5 trillion dollars a year, according to World Bank figures published at a UN conference on corruption..."

87 sign anti-corruption pact, 11 December 2003

"The cost of corruption represents 5% of the world economy - or more than 1.5 trillion dollars a year, according to World Bank figures published at a UN conference on corruption..."

A 1.5 trillion dollar problem
By Theo Tamis, Radio Netherlands, 11 December 2003

"Corruption should be treated as something more than a simple crime, and not just because it destabilizes countries, slows development and erodes democratic institutions..."

World Bank urges crackdown on government corruption by Adriana Barrera, Reuters, 10 December 2003

"The World Bank called on United Nations members on Wednesday to strengthen transparency and help make multimillion-dollar government corruption scandals a thing of the past... "

Calls for surveillance of executives, more banking limits at U.N. anti-corruption convention by Mark Steventon, Associated Press, 10 December 2003

"Officials gathered to fight the world's US$1.5 trillion corruption industry -- which siphons off about 5 percent of the world's economic output -- called Wednesday for..."

A Giant Leap Forward Over Dragon In Clean Governance
By P. Vinod Kumar, The Financial Express of India, 9 December 2003

"Finally, India on top.... of China?! Yaah!!! The news is bound to cheer the spin doctors of India and make those Synologists run for cover. And the credit may well go to Prime Minister..."

Why fighting corruption helps the poor
By David R. Francis, The Christian Science Monitor, 13 November 2003

"Fighting corruption is no longer just a moral issue. It has become a major tool in the fight against world poverty. Once seen as the cost of doing business in much of the globe..."

Public Corruption Tackled
By Jaquetta White, The Times-Picayune, 25 October 2003

"Public corruption is the responsibility of government, businesses and citizens, said panelists Friday at the 13th annual Burkenroad Symposium on Business and Society..."

Ethics Issue Subject of Talks
By Jaquetta White, The Times-Picayune, 18 October 2003

"National corruption experts as well as Mayor Ray Nagin will speak Friday at the 2003 Burkenroad Symposium on Business and Society at Tulane University. This year's symposium..."

Marketplace Morning Report with Kai Ryssdal and Tess Vigeland
Gretchen Cook, National Public Radio, 7 October 2003, 3:50 show

"Transparency International USA reports that nine out of ten developing countries urgently need help fighting corruption. Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Haiti place high on their corruption index, but so do more developed countries like Greece and Italy."

How Best to Dig for News (Betty Onuh, Newswatch, September 29, 2003)
Download first page of the article(PDF) | Download second page of the article(PDF)

Six men and a blind elephant called Indostan
The Hindu Business Line, by D. Murali, August 2, 2003

"Governance is too fashionable a topic to ignore. The Chandra Committee, also known as the governance think-tank, is active again to push in the second phase of corporate reforms, even as we struggle to to implement the first phase. And the World Bank..."

Measuring the Quality of Governance
DevNews, World Bank, 14 July 2003

"Governance is increasingly one of the key factors that determines whether a country has the capacity to use resources effectively to reduce poverty. Measuring governance..."

Crime Rate Sounds Alarm for Investment
Business Day, Johannesburg, 12 June 2003

"As leading African political and business figures gathered yesterday to argue the case for greater investment in the continent, a World Economic Forum (WEF) survey..."

Africa Political Challenges: The Road Ahead
World Economic Forum Knowledge Navigator, 12 June 2003

"There is one theme," Daniel Kaufmann, Director, Global Governance and Regional Learning, World Bank Institute, Washington DC, told participants. "It is the primary...

Municipal officials in Latin America fight corruption and improve governance
Today, World Bank, 13 February 2003

"The world's largest distance learning initiative for municipal officials began four years ago as a modest collaboration between Mexico's Monterrey Institute of Technology..."

Setting the Scene: Update on Global Governance
World Economic Forum Knowledge Navigator, 23 January 2003

"At last year's Annual Meeting, the discussion on global governance focused on "global anger" driven by discontent amony many at their exclusion from wealth, health..."

Stand and Deliver
Today, World Bank, 30 January 2003

"The gathering of world leaders this week in Davos for the World Economic Forum would seem an unlikely venue for a discussion on trust. Yet restoring trust...

Jaswant determined to curb revenue deficit
By A.K. Bhattacharya,, 25 January 2003
From Rediff India, on session at the 2003 World Economic Forum, with WBI posing the challenge commentary and questions to Minister of Finance.

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