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Media Mentions Archive: 2002


We regularly gather news articles and other media mentions of governance and anti-corruption issues in the news. Whilst we hope this is a useful reference for you, the World Bank is not responsible for the views expressed in non-World Bank publications/articles. Nor is the World Bank specifically endorsing one publication over another. Furthermore, not all of the articles below are available for download due to copyright restrictions. If you would like a full copy of articles that are not available for download on our website, please contact the respective news sources.

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Rules without Regulators: The Importance of Institutions
World Economic Forum Knowledge Navigator, 20 November, 2002

"The workshop addressed the problems associated with the lack of transparency in Latin America's government institutions and the impact this has had on business growth..."

A free press is crucial in overcoming global poverty
Opinion piece by Joseph Stiglitz and Roumeen Islam, International Herald Tribune, 14 November 2002

"Nearly 400 years ago, the English philosopher and writer Francis Bacon wrote that knowledge is power. Today, we see that maxim play out in many ways in the political and economic..."

Toward Accountability and Oversight
Today, World Bank, 14 November 2002

"A broad strategy to fight corruption was recently adopted by nearly 300 parliamentarians from around the world. Participants at the inaugural conference of the Global..."

The CBA and World Bank partner for 21st century training
Roderick Macdonell in Commonwealth Broadcaster Magazine, August–October 2002

Capacity for Development
Today, World Bank, 9 October 2002

"Corruption is the product not of isolated individuals but of organized national and international networks that go well beyond the judicial system. This was a key..."

Corruption Suspects Appear to Be Heading Back to Office
By Andres Oppenheimer, The Miami Herald, 15 September 2002

"An amazing political phenomenon taking place in Latin America is that public figures who have been targets of massive allegations of corruption are not only politically alive..."

Engaging Youth
By World Bank Internal Communications, 13 September 2002

"The World Bank Institute launched a new distance learning program this week called "Youth for Good Governance," with participants from schools in Ghana, Uganda, Ukraine...

Beijing Holds Its First International Conference on Corruption
Newsletter of the Americas' Accountability/Anti-Corruption Project (AAA), No. 31

"The first major international conference on anti-corruption ever held in China took place in Beijing from April 11-12, 2002. "Economic Reform and Good Governance: Fighting Corruption in Transition Economies" was co-sponsored by the World Bank..."

Anti-Corruption: Bank Works with Partners at Beijing Conference
World Bank Internal Communications, 9 May 2002

"Governance experts from various countries and international organizations participated in a conference on "Economic Reform and Good Governance: FIghting Corruption in Transition Economies," co-sponsored by Tsinghua University in Beijing..."

Prevention is key to control corruption
By Zhou Yan, Xinhua News Agency, China, 12 April 2002

"Public administration experts have attributed China's recent achievements in combating corruption to the effective precautionary measures it has taken in lawmaking, government administration and a wide range of social and economic activities..."

On Corporate Social Responsibility
Today, World Bank, 10 January 2002

"Two years ago when government and private sector leaders gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum, in the aftermath of the Seattle meeting of the World Trade Organization, corporate social responsibility (CSR), emerged as..."

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