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Media Mentions Archive: 2001


We regularly gather news articles and other media mentions of governance and anti-corruption issues in the news. Whilst we hope this is a useful reference for you, the World Bank is not responsible for the views expressed in non-World Bank publications/articles. Nor is the World Bank specifically endorsing one publication over another. Furthermore, not all of the articles below are available for download due to copyright restrictions. If you would like a full copy of articles that are not available for download on our website, please contact the respective news sources.

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October 2001: 10th annual global anticorruption conference
Comments by Vanessa von Struensee, 21 October 2001

"The 10th annual global anticorruption conference, organized by the IACC Secretariat and Transparency International (TI), took place last week, this time in Prague. Among the participants were Mexican President Vicente Fox and Open Society..."

Prague Meeting Highlights Range of Bank Work in Anticorruption
Today, World Bank, 15 October 2001

"The 10th annual global anticorruption conference, organized by the IACC Secretariat and Transparency International (TI), took place last week, this time in Prague, with strong backing and participation by the World Bank. Among the participants were..."

The World Bank and Investigative Journalism
Today, World Bank, 26 September 2001

"There is no more effective check on corrupt officials, bribe takers, embezzlers and those who waste public funds than a hard-nosed investigative journalist. In many parts of Latin America, unfortunately, they are not abundant..."

Governance Issues Taken Up by Donors in Brussels Meeting
Today, World Bank, 1 August 2001

"In the second of a series of meetings held as part of the European International Policy Forum (EIPF), a high-level Brussels-centered policy dialogue, representatives from the EU institutions, the international donor community..."

Former Soviet Union warned on corruption
By Andrew Jack, Financial Times, 10 July 2001

"Corruption by powerful economic interest groups is more damaging to impartial justice than political interference in the countries of the former Soviet Union, the head of the World Bank said yesterday. Citing a World Bank draft paper on judicial..."

Putin: Russia, World Bank relations good
The Russia Journal, 10 July 2001

"Russian President Vladimir Putin had good things to say about Russia/World Bank relations Monday at a meeting with World Bank President James Wolfensohn, according to reports in the Russian media. 'Russia has a very..."

World Bank backs Russian legal reforms
BBC News Online, 9 July 2001

"The World Bank says it fully supports President Vladimir Putin's attempts to reform Russia's legal system. The World Bank President, James Wolfensohn, who’s in St Petersberg for an international conference on judicial reform, said ..."

Wanted—a crusade to purify public life
The Economist, 14 June 2001

"Argentina's former president, Carlos Menem, is under house arrest on suspicion of involvement in an arms-trading scandal. Paraguay's president, Luis Gonzalez Macchi, who was recently discovered to be driving a stolen BMW..."

Elite Capture by Daniel Kaufmann of Governance Matters
Comment by Vanessa von Struensee, 11 June 2001

"Excellent references provided by Daniel Kaufmann empirical advances in recent years, nowadays we do have a growing body of cross-country evidence showing that (controlling for other determinants) countries with inadequate..."

Curbing Corruption
Today, World Bank, 7 June 2001

"Which types of corruption are the most widespread and costly? Civil service corruption? Diversion of budgetary resources and/or procurement fraud? Which factors most help to ensure a transparent, honest, and efficient judiciary?"

The Role of Media in Development
Today, World Bank, 16 April 2001

"The media allows market agents to make informed choices, provides checks and balances to other market actors, facilitates competition in political and economic markets, and gives poor people a voice: in essence, it is a critical market.."

World Bank's Campaign Against 'Cancer of Corruption' Stalls
Bloomberg News, 12 February 2001

New toolboxes plumb government pipeworks in battle against graft
By Daniel Kaufmann, The World Paper, January 2001

"Corruption is commonly defined as the abuse of public office for private gain. But governance is a broader concept, defined as the exercise of authority through formal and informal traditions and institutions for the common good..."

Letter to the Editor
By Jim Wesberry to the Washington Times, 6 January 2001

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