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Media Mentions Archive: 2000


We regularly gather news articles and other media mentions of governance and anti-corruption issues in the news. Whilst we hope this is a useful reference for you, the World Bank is not responsible for the views expressed in non-World Bank publications/articles. Nor is the World Bank specifically endorsing one publication over another. Furthermore, not all of the articles below are available for download due to copyright restrictions. If you would like a full copy of articles that are not available for download on our website, please contact the respective news sources.

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Paraguay President Commits to Anti-Corruption Program
Today, World Bank, 18 December 2000

"Paraguay's President Gonzalez Macchi recently committed publicly to implement his country's first anti-corruption program in his country. In a keynote address at a World Bank workshop on December 5, he said..."

Where Will Russia Turn to When the Oil Boom Ends?
B y Ariel Cohen, St. Petersburg Times, 12 December 2000

Meeting the Triple Bottom Line
Today, World Bank, 14 November 2000

"We actually put together our first sustainability report that addresses what I like to call the 'triple bottom line' - the finances, the environment and safety, and the social accountability of an organization," said Brenda Hildreth, Manager..."

The Catch-22 of Giving Aid
Reprinted in AAA Flash, 25 October 2000, originally in Transitions on-line, 24 October 2000

"The most needy countries are often the most corrupt. That puts international financial institutions (IFIs) in a difficult bind. Because of the need for accountability to donors, some form of loan conditionality for borrowers is inevitable..."

Avoiding the Trap of Transition
By Martin Wolf, Financial Times, 11 October 2000

"The fall of Slobodan Milosevic is more than an important moment in the history of the Balkans. What was, in effect, the last communist dictatorship in Europe now starts on its journey towards the west. This is a crowded path. What can Serbia learn..."

Lenders Are Leaning on Governments
By Miguel Diaz, Latin Finance Magazine, September 2000

Spotlight on the Oligarchs
Russia Watch, No. 2 August 2000

"On July 28 Russian President Vladimir Putin met with 21 of Russia's most influential businessmen to "redefine the relationship between the state and big business." At that meeting, Putin assured the tycoons that privatization results would..."

Governance Matters
Today, World Bank, 27 July 2000

"How can governments and civil society best encourage institutional change by developing and applying a systematic approach to measuring governance, its determinants, and its consequences? That's the question posed by Daniel Kaufmann..."

Corruption: Let's not take it for granted
Speech by Eveline Herfkens, Global Forum II, The Hague, 28 May 2000

"Scene one, take one of Mel Brook's movie, History of the World Part One: "Politics Politics Politics! The Roman Senate ! The best legislature... money can buy!" With that, the words "Kill Him!!" ring out, and Comicus, the Court entertainer..."

Central American Anti-Corruption Summit
Today, World Bank, 27 April 2000

"There was a buzz of intense discussion in the San José, Costa Rica, hotel meeting room as young journalists and anti-corruption workers from Central American civil society groups and governments scribbled down key words describing obstacles..."

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