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New Perspectives on Combating Corruption

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A joint publication of Transparency International and the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, prepared on the occasion of Transparency International's Annual General Meeting held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 11–16 September 1998

Compiled by D. Kaufmann (1998)


This volume is a compilation of some of the latest research in the area of anti-corruption and governance. The table of contents includes:

  • "Combating Corruption for Development: The Role of Government, Business, and Civil Society" by Miguel Schloss

  • "Corruption and Development" by Cheryl W. Gray and Daniel Kaufmann

  • "Roads to Nowhere: How Corruption in Public Investments Hurts Growth" by Vito Tanzi and Hamid Davoodi

  • "International Cooperation Against Corruption" by Robert Klitgaard

  • "The Supply Side to Global Bribery" by Frank Vogl

  • "The OECD Convention: Milestone on the Road to Reform" by Fritz Heinmann and Nancy Zucker Boswell

  • "Social Marketing Strategies to Fight Corruption" by Gurprit Kindra

  • "Freedom of Expression and Investigative Journalism" by Toby Mendel

  • "Planning an Integrity Workshop" by Petter Lan  gseth

  • "Pillars of Integrity: The Importance of Supreme Audit Institutions in Curbing Corruption" by Rick Stapenhurst and Ken Dye

  • "Enhancing Accountability and Ethics in the Public Service" by Jeremy Pope

  • "Challenges in the Next Stage of Anti-Corruption" by Daniel Kaufmann

This book is now out of print, however, but selected articles are available in the Working Papers section of this website.


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