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The Rule of Law, a National Town Hall Meeting
Panel discussion on the Rule of Law
Panelists: Daniel Kaufmann, Randy E. Barnett, Diana Huffman, Allan C. Hutchinson, Philippa Strum, Stephen Teret and G. Edward White
Newseum (Interactive Museum of News), Washington DC
April 30, 2008

Foro Internacional "Articulación Interinstitucional Como Herramienta Para La Prevención y Lucha Contra La Corrupción"
Video presentación de Daniel Kaufmann "Transparencia, Gobernanza y Desarrollo: America Latina en Un Marco Empírico Mundial" (Spanish Only)
Lima, Perú
March 4, 2008

Forum Workshop on Corruption and Ethics in the Private Sector, IFC and CIPE
Opening Presentation by Daniel Kaufmann
World Bank Paris Office
March 3, 2008

Six Challenges on Private Sector Corruption
Forum Workshop on Corruption and Ethics in the Private Sector, IFC and CIPE
Presentation by Daniel Kaufmann
March 3, 2008

Challenging Orthodoxy on Governance and Corruption: Lessons from Worldwide Empirics
Presentation by Daniel Kaufmann
Johns Hopkins SAIS
February 1, 2008

Can Indicator-Based Competition Make Foreign Aid Work? 
Panelists: Aart Kraay, Simeon Djankov, Sherri Kraham, Guido Schmidt-Traub
American Enterprise Institute
January 14, 2008

Governance Matters: Debunking the Afro-pessimism Myth 
Presentation by Daniel Kaufmann
Panelists: Obiageli Ezekwesili, Morton H. Halperin, Aart Kraay
Center for Global Development
November 8, 2007

Good Governance in the Fight Against HIV AIDS in Tanzania
Learning program to help Tanzania improve information flow, transparency and accountability in their response to HIV/AIDS at the community level
Organized by the World Bank Institute and other partners
October 2007

Oppenheimer Presenta: Corrupción
Interview with Daniel Kaufmann, main Panelist, and other Commentators on Corruption and Governance Indicators
(Spanish Only)
October 10, 2007

Combating Corruption: Setting One’s Own Standards
12th International Business Forum: Business Engagement for Governance
Panelists Jackie Beckett, Nancy Boswell, Alberto de Armas, Peter Eigen, Daniel Kaufmann
October 9, 2007

CSIS Anticorruption Efforts in Latin America: Lessons Learned
Opening Presentation
Audio of Daniel Kaufmann, Director, Global Programs and Governance, World Bank
July 10, 2007

Press Briefing of the 2007 Release Worldwide Governance Indicators 1996-2006
Presentation by Daniel Kaufmann
July 10, 2007

CSIS Illicit Financial Flows: The Missing Link in Development
Opening Presentation — Economic Conditions Hurting Development
Audio of Daniel Kaufmann,
Director, Global Programs and Governance, World Bank
June 28, 2007

The Effects of Mass Media on Public Policy
Panelists: Lisa George, Riccardo Puglisi, Daniel Kaufmann
April 14, 2007

On Measuring Governance: A Roundtable Discussion
BSpan Presentation by Daniel Kaufmann and Aart Kraay
January 11, 2007

Leveraging E-Government for Successful Anti-corruption
Panelists: Nancy Boswell, Philippe Dongier, Daniel Kaufmann, Knut Liepold, Oleg Petrov, Basheerhamad Shadrach
January 7, 2007

BBC World Congress on Communication for Development: "Is a Free Media Essential for Development"
Host Stephen Sackur
Panelists: Hilde Johnson, Anwar Ibrahim, Daniel Kaufmann, Kumi Naidoo, Tonnie Osa Iredia
October 2006

PREM Seminar Series: Professor Eduardo Engel
Presenters, Eduardo Engel. Antonio Estache
December 7, 2006

Business, NGOs, and Development Conference
Partnerships Against Corruption Panel with Daniel Kaufmann, Nany Boswell, Paul Brown, Roderick Hills, William Laufer, Jonathan Shapiro
B-span Presentation
April 10, 2006

Debunking Myths on Worldwide Governance and Corruption
Presentation by Daniel Kaufmann as part of the David B. Goodman Lecture Series
University of Toronto's Faculty of Law
February 10, 2005

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