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Regular Program
For Applicants
Please be advised to check the eligibility criteria.
When will the application document be available on line?
  ArrowThe application document is available on line at least three months prior to the application deadline (March 31st 2012).
I opened an account for the online application, and I haven’t received my login information in my email. What can I do?

Some email systems automatically place unrecognized emails in the trash, junk, or spam folders. Please check these folders in your email system to see if there is a message for you from

The e-mail systems can be set up in different ways. In any case if you got a confirmation message after having created an account on your screen, please try to login. using your e-mail address for your user name and your password. If you still cannot get in, send an email to

I’ve created an account and received my login information through email, but when I tried to login, I was not able to do so. What is wrong?

In order to login ino your account, you must first close the browser window that you used to create the account. Close the Scholarships page and reopen it. Go back to the same page where you started at 
Refresh it by pressing F5 key, then try to log into your account using your e-mail address for your user name and your password. If you still cannot get in, send an email to

Help! I’ve forgotten my user name and password. Should I just create a new account?
  ArrowNo. Just send us a message with the email you used to create the account, and we will send the information back to you.
The application instruction sheet says that I'm expected to submit "proof of application to a second development-related master's degree program." Is this required?
ArrowIt's not required that you have a proof of application--or admission--to a second development-related master's degree program, but we recommend that you apply to more than one university in order to increase your chances of being accepted into the program.
What is the deadline for the application?
  ArrowMarch 31st of every year.
What are the eligibility requirements?
  ArrowBe a national of a World Bank member country eligible to borrow.
  ArrowBe age of under 40.
  ArrowHave, by the application deadline, at least 2, preferably 4 to 5, years of recent full time professional experience acquired after a university degree, in the applicant’s home country or in another developing country.
  ArrowHold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent. 
  ArrowBe in good health.
  ArrowNot be a permanent resident or a national of any industrialized country.
  ArrowNot be residing in an industrialized country for more than one year.
  ArrowNot be an Executive Director, his/her alternate, staff of the World Bank Group (the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, International Development Association, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, and International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes), consultant, or relative of the aforementioned.
Is my country eligible?
  ArrowNationals of all World Bank member countries eligible to borrow may apply for the scholarship. 
What fields of study can be funded with the scholarship?
  ArrowThe Program sponsors only mid-career professionals from developing countries for master's degree studies in development-related fields.
  ArrowEligible applicants should propose a program of study related to development at the master's level, in fields such as economics, health, education, agriculture, environment, natural resource management, or other development related subject.
  ArrowThe Program does not support studies in the applicant’s home country.
  ArrowThe Program does not support applicants for international relations, MBA, MDs, M.Phil. or Ph.D. degrees.
  ArrowThe Program does not support legal studies such as J.D., L.L.M. or S.J.D. except for L.L.M.’s related to human rights, environment, or good governance.
Do any of the scholarships apply for undergraduate studies?
  ArrowThe scholarship program does not sponsor undergraduate studies, distance learning programs, short-term training, conferences, seminars, thesis writing, research projects, and fields of studies not related to development. These requests will not be considered.
Can I apply to universities other than the preferred ones?
ArrowYes, you may apply to universities and degree programs that are not on our list of Preferred Universities, as long as they meet the objectives of the program. They must be Master's Degree programs that focus on development-related topics, and the universities must be of good standing. Use the "Other" field on the application form to apply to a non-Preferred University.
Can you confirm receipt of my application forms?
ArrowNo, we receive so many applications that it is not possible for us to confirm receipt of your forms. If you are concerned about receiving notification of the delivery, we suggest that you use a courier service that provides receipts.
Can my referee send the letter directly to you?
ArrowWe recommend that you collect all parts of your application to send together in order to ensure that we receive everything. If this is not possible, however, your referee may send the letter directly to us.
Is official transcript required? I have the unofficial/student-copy?
ArrowYes, official transcript is required.
For Scholars
What documents must be submitted in order to schedule my travel to university?
  Arrowa signed copy of the scholarship acceptance form
  Arrowa copy of your passport, and a recent passport size photograph of yourself
  Arrowan official current employment certification attesting to full time employment within the previous 3 months and proof of employment for the last two years
  Arrowa certified/authenticated health certificate (issued within 3 months of submission)
  Arrowa completed travel information form (attached)
  Arrowa completed bank account information form (soon after arriving at host university)
  Arrowa copy of your student visa (your travel will not be authorized until we receive a copy of your student visa)
When will I hear from American Express about my travel?
  ArrowAmerican Express will contact you through email about one week prior to your requested departure date.
What documents must be submitted in order to be issued a return ticket?
  ArrowA completed return travel information form and a letter verifying the completion of your studies, issued by your university (transcript or diploma).
When will I receive my first stipend payment and my travel allowance?
  ArrowAssuming you have completed all other requirements, you will receive your allowance after you have submitted your bank account information form. It can take up to 4 weeks after receipt of the form for the first payment to be processed. You will receive your $500 travel allowance with the first payment..
Can a scholarship award be deferred?
  ArrowA scholarship award may not be deferred for any reason.
Is it possible to pursue a PhD program upon completion of the Master’s program without returning to my home country first?
  ArrowNo, at the conclusion of your studies you are expected to return to your home country and apply your enhanced knowledge and skills to your work.
McNamara Fellowship Program
For Applicants
Please be advised to check the RSM Fellowships Program and How to Apply.
You can click on the Click here icon to see the referred paragraph.
  Arrowkind of support does the Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program provide? see Click here
  Arrowis the purpose of the McNamara Fellowship? see Click here
  Arroware the eligibility criteria?  see Click here
  Arroware the application procedures? see Click here
  Arrowis the evaluation process for the fellowships award?  see Click here 
  Arrowis expected from the host institution? see 
  Arroware the fellows expected to do during the research period at the host institution? see Click here
  Arroware the fellows required to do during the fellowship period?  see Click here
  Arroware the fellows expected to do upon completion of the fellowship?  see Click here
   Arrowcan apply for the Robert S. McNamara Fellowship? see Click here
  Arrowis evaluating the eligible candidates?  see Click here
  Arrowis deciding the grant amount to be awarded to each fellow? see Click here

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