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Scholarships and Fellowships
Eligibility Criteria
Application Guidelines
Preferred Universities in 2010 - 2011
How to Apply
Japanese National Program
Ties to Japan
Regular Program Highlights
Funding and Administration
20 Years of JJ/WBGSP
Columbia University
Harvard University
Keio University
Makerere University 
Université De Cocody
University of Ghana
University of Tokyo
University of Tsukuba
Université De Yaounde II
Yokohama National University
How to Apply
About McNamara Fellowships
JIPS Centers of Excellence
Tracer Study
Tracer Study Questionnaire
Alumni Projects for Capacity Building
Brasil Projects for Onde Moras 
Jamaica Projects for Sunning Hill 
Alumni Experience 
Regional Coordinators
Alumni Profile
Photo Gallery
Regional Conferences (RC) 
Asian RC, Indonesia
African RC, Cameroon
Tokyo Conference
African RC, Tanzania
Asian RC, Vietnam
African RC, Kenya 
Scaling-Up Conference for JJ/WBGSP Scholars 
 Scaling-Up DC Conference at a Glance 
Knowledge Sharing Forums 
Alumni Training in Japan 
Alumni Training, 2009
Alumni Training, 2008
 Learning Lessons from Japan Experience
Seminars for Scholars
 Seminar for Scholars, 2009 
 Seminar for Scholars, 2008 
 Seminar for Scholars, 2007 
Abstracts of Master Thesis
JJ/WBGSP Video Presentation
Experience on Program Studies
Research Activities
Program Assistance
Graduating Scholars
Community Building 
Capacity Building 
Program Outreach
Policy and Rules
User Procedure & Protocol

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