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The call for applications for 2017 RSM Application is now closed. We are not responding to any inquiries. We will notify only winning scholars of the outcome..

The call for applications for a JJWBGSP Scholarship is scheduled to open January 25, 2017.

What can an applicant do before the call?

·       Read information posted on this website and review eligibility criteria carefully.

·       Apply to one or more of the JJWBGSP preferred and partnership master degree programs.

·         Begin gathering required documentation for the scholarship application, including: your current curriculum vitae (C.V.), proof of employment for each record of employment since earning a Bachelor’s degree, and certified copy of the certificate of your most advanced university degree earned.

·      Identify two professional recommenders. 

Please note that application guidelines that provide detailed application instructions will be posted on this website during the open call.


The World Bank Scholarships Program contributes to the World Bank Group’s mission of forging new dynamic approaches to capacity development and knowledge sharing in the developing world. The World Bank Scholarship Program is an important component of the Bank Group’s efforts to promote economic development and shared prosperity through investing in education and developing human resources in the developing world.  Since 1982, the World Bank Scholarships Program has helped to form a pool of well-trained and experienced development professionals, transforming their countries and positively impacting future generations.

Currently, the World Bank Scholarships Program offers two sources of funding for graduate studies in development-related fields for mid-career professionals and researchers:

Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP)Call for Applications is scheduled to launch January 25, 2017. Since 1987, JJWBGSP has enabled more than 5,000 mid-career professionals from developing countries and Japan to complete graduate degrees in development-related fields.  On an annual basis, the Government of Japan solely funds the JJ/WBGSP LEARN MORE

Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program (RSMFP)Call for Applications is now closed. Since 1982, this fellowship program has enabled PhD candidates from developing countries to undertake research at institutions abroad. Fellowships are for 6 -10 month periods and can be up to $25,000. The RSMFP was established with funding from the World Bank and the governments of Bangladesh, China, India, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, and former Yugoslavia. LEARN MORE

Inactive Program

Japan Indonesia Presidential Scholarship Program (JIPS)

This Program is no longer accepting applications. With a one-time $10 million grant from the Government of Japan, this scholarship supported three cohorts (2008-2010) of 43 Indonesian PhD students to study abroad under the sponsorship of one of the program’s ten partner Indonesian universities. This window is now closed to new applicants.



























The 2017 RSM Application is now closed. We will notify only winning scholars of the outcome..

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