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Overview of JJ/WBGS Program


The call from applicants from developing countries is now open.

The call for Japanese Nationals will be launched early March.

Established in 1987 with funding from the Government of Japan, the World Bank Joint Japan Graduate Scholarship Program has helped create an international community of highly trained professionals working in economic and social development through financing of graduate and post-graduate studies.

To date, the Program has awarded over 5000 scholarships selected from over 65,000 applicants, disbursing over US$200 million dollars in funding from the Japanese government.

The JJ/WBG Scholarship Program is quite unique among the hundreds of multilateral, bilateral and NGO funded scholarship programs offered to international students. Unlike most other well- known programs it does not focus on a specific region, group, hosting institution or country, or field of study.  Except for a small funding window for Japanese citizens, the only major restrictions are: scholars from developing countries pursue abroad graduate studies in one of our partner or preferred university graduate programs, and upon graduation scholars return home to contribute to the development of their country.

The World Bank administers the Scholarship Programs through the World Bank Institute (WBI). Policy guidance for the Program is provided by a Steering Committee comprised of three Executive Directors and five managers of the Bank. A secretariat for day-to-day administration is maintained within WBI.

What's New

Apr 10, 2008Mr. Zoellick meets with JJ/WBGSP Scholars at Harvard

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