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Welcome to the JJ/WBG Program Discussion Forum! This area of the JJ/WBG Program website has been set up as an open discussion forum to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among the members of the JJ/WBGSP alumni, scholars, and applicants community.

The JJ/WBGSP Discussion Forum is freely accessible to all those interested in participating in ongoing discussions and who agree to accept the Policies and Rules and follow the Procedure and Protocol set up for the JJ/WBGSP Discussion Forum.

These discussions are currently taking place:

  • Feedback on the JJ/WBG Program website
    Give us your feedback on this new JJ/WBG Program website!
  • Topics
    Send us your ideas for discussion topics! Share your ideas and experiences through email exchanges with others interested in JJ/WBG Program topics and issues.

To join the Discussion Forum, please fill out the Registration Form.

To join the discussion for a particular topic of the Discussion Forum, please select and mark the topic of your choice on the Registration Form.

 Topics to Discuss
Community BuildingCommunity Building
Capacity BuildingCapacity Building
Program OutreachProgram Outreach

To remove your address from the JJ/WBGSP Discussion Forum topic, please follow the instructions you will find in the footer of the e-mail messages you receive on the Discussion Forum topic.

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