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The JJ/WBGP is keen to maintain relations with all the scholars, alumni, and partner universities. We want to use the Discussion Forum as a platform to discuss challenging issues in this area.

I.It is important to create a community that is able to interact with each other and with the Program. There is a need to receive your feedback regarding the program outreach and how, from your own expertise, it can be improved. It is a resource value both for the Program and for the community to give you the opportunity to speak and communicate.

II. Your knowledge and training are integral part of the Program's avenues to help in human resource developing and capacity building. It would be important for the Program and our audience to be aware of the contribution of our former scholars to the resolution of the issues that developing countries are facing nowadays.

The Discussion Forum is the way for experts from different countries to acknowledge each other, to initiate communication on the professional issues, to exchange ideas, promoting partnerships, and invite each other for regional events to discuss problems of the global challenge and importance.

III. You went through the experience of receiving the application form and applying to the Program. You know how to do that. Now it is time when we need your assistance, your good will to help other people, to help the Program in distributing the application forms, annual report, and publications. Your efforts are counted among those who help in human resource development and capacity building in developing countries!

The JJ/WBG Program has hosted several discussion forums on scholarships related issues and topics.

We want to use the JJ/WBG Program website Discussion Forum as a platform to discuss "Topics" - challenging issues in scholarships management. Let us hear what YOU think the Topics are:

Community BuildingCommunity Building
Capacity BuildingCapacity Building 
Program OutreachProgram Outreach

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