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We got a lot of messages from the current and former scholars who are interested in creating scholars and alumni community. The Program is willing to encourage these efforts and assist in building such a community through the Discussion Forum. It is a resource value both for the Program and for the community to give you the opportunity to speak and communicate.

We want to use the Discussion Forum as a platform to discuss challenging issues in this area. We would like to address the invitation to participate in the Discussion Forum to our expected audience:

  • Program Scholars;
  • Partnership Universities;
  • Alumni, and
  • Potential Applicants.

I. We would like to encourage scholars to provide us with their stories about first days after joining the University programs:

  • what kind of problems you are or were encountering;
  • how did you manage to overcome them;
  • what kind of help did you get from the University orientation programs (if there are any), students societies, friends, and how did it help you to adjust yourself to the new life;
  • what would you recommend to the future applicants to do in a similar situation;
  • what kind of knowledge the future applicants should posses to be prepared for their studies, (e.g., how important is the knowledge of the language on which the subjects are taught, how to improve it);
  • what features of the character and ways to behave the future applicants should train in themselves to be able to overcome the obstacles adjusting themselves to the new situations (e.g., whether they have to be proactive; not to wait for help, but to look for it; where to apply, and so on).

II. We would like to invite Partnership Universities to communicate with us and inform/keep us updated on

  • the progress of the students which were provided with scholarships by our Program, how successful/or unsuccessful they are;
  • what are the expectations of the Universities,
  • what the Program needs to know to improve the selection criteria and the selection process.

III. We would like to encourage alumni to share their experience in the manner that it can help the current students to be prepared for the challenging opportunities which they can face after graduating from the Universities. Sharing career building experience, life, and work lessons and stories might be also a key to the success in the society for many people just starting their professional life or exploring opportunities to improve it.

The Secretariat of the Program will be preparing the monthly overview for all our discussions so that we can be available for all through our Discussion Form summaries and Newsletter.

The Program will work on how the feedback from the Discussion Forum participants will help to build our Community, harmonize our relationships within the Community, improve partnerships, and improve our Program management tools.

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