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Capacity Building

The main goal of the JJ/WBGSP is to reduce poverty, support sustainable development and contribute to the capacity building efforts in developing countries. Your knowledge and training are integral part of the Program's avenues to help in human resource developing and capacity building.

We would like to address this information to each of you, our former scholars. It would be important for the Program and our audience to be aware of the contribution of our former scholars to the resolution of the issues that developing countries are facing nowadays. As far as we know many of you exert a lot of effort to contribute to the prosperity of your own country or another developing country.

Your success stories can help current and potential scholars to see and realize not only the value of the education that they can get with the help of the scholarship program, but also the value of sharing knowledge, experience, and getting support of the community.

  • Our first story on the alumni contribution to the public services to their country is about Dr. Sid Naing, Health Program Coordinator in Myanmar: ...More

It is becoming a common knowledge that when working on the project it is hard to achieve significant results without summarizing the international experience in the area. The Discussion Forum is the way for experts from different countries to acknowledge each other, to initiate communication on the professional issues, to exchange ideas, promoting partnerships, and invite each other for regional events to discuss problems of the global challenge and importance.

The JJ/WBGSP Discussion Forum is an interactive space where you can initiate a debate on the current and emerging development topics and issues, explore opportunities of knowledge sharing, share ideas and experience, volunteer to be an advisor or request assistance from your colleagues from other regions on development-related issues.

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