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Program Outreach

There are moments in human life that can totally change it for better. Think about the moments when someone told you or gave you the information about the Program, about the possibility to complete your education in one of the best universities! Wasn't that exciting?

You probably know the needs of your Region or your country better then anyone else. And you know that there are people around you who looking for the same opportunity, for the same chance that you had in your life. Now it's your turn to be magic and make their life different! Tell them about the Program. Show them how to find this information on the web. Print it out for them, if they do not have access to the computer. You can change their lives for better! You can do that. What are you waiting for?

You went through the experience of receiving the application form and applying to the Program. You know how to do that. Now it is time when we need your assistance, your good will to help other people, to help the Program in distributing the application forms, annual report, and publications.

You might be in charge of Regional/local conference/seminar on the vital issues. Make the participants aware about the JJ/WBGS Program. If you are a participant, talk to the Steering/Organizational Committee(s), identify, and agree with them on dissemination of the information about the Program.

Your efforts are counted among those who help in human resource development and capacity building in developing countries!

The Program intends to reach out for highly qualified mid-career professionals through you and Regional Alumni Coordinators. The JJ/WBGSP is looking for volunteer activities associated with the Program information dissemination. Your efforts to encourage qualified public sector employees to apply are highly appreciated.

Browse Scholarships website and Discussion Forum, participate in debates, receive the Program's newsletter! We need your constructive feedback, your suggestions, and ideas. The JJ/WBSP Program is interested in getting your feedback on how the Program web information, publications, and documents can reach those who need them.

Get us your feedback on how disseminate information about the Program in your Country and Region!

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