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Template and Recommendations for CV for JJ/WBGSP Scholars and Alumni

You can submit one page of information (up to 2000 characters, including spaces) as a .doc or txt file, along with your photo, if available to Please make sure that you do not overcome the suggested limit.


First Name, Middle Initial (if there is any), Last Name

Current Official Position (for alumnus)
Name of Organization,


Chief Tourism Operations Officer,
Department of Tourism,
Office of Product Research and Development, Thailand

Master’s Degree
University, country
(for alumnus is optional)


Master’s Degree (for scholar)


Master’s degree in Economic Policy Management,
Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, MA, USA


Contact Info.: officeContact Info.: home (optional)


Name of the organization
Street Address

Tel.: (starting with country & city codes)


Street Address

Tel.: (Starting with country & city codes)

Work Experience
  • Name of Organization, Dates,
    Official Position
    • Responsibilitis)


  • California State University, September 2002 - present
    Lecturer of Economics

  • Delivered lectures on economics, ...
  • Was in charge of the resesarch project on ...
  • Worked as a consultant for ...)

  • Name of Degree (starting with the highest level),


  • PhD in Agricultural and Resources Economics, University of Columbia, USA, 2000
  • Master of International Affairs, Program in Economic Policy Management,
    School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
    Scholarship from Joint Japan/ World Bank Graduate Scholarship (JJ/WBGSP).
  • Bachelor of Science (Physics), Wilson College, University of Bombay, Mumbai, India, 1982-85

Dissertation (optional)
  • Title/University/Date
Publications (if there are any)
  • Title, Publishing House, Year of Publishing,


  • International Trade and International Cooperation,  Keio University, 1998
  • Theory of Foreign Trade. World Economy Forum, No.2, 1999 (in Japanese)

  • Name of the Class/Seminar, Organization Provided the Training, City, Country, Date.


  • Seminar on Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Certificate, Ministry of Finance, Institute of Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Tokyo, Japan, 2002
Computer Skills
e.g.: Microsoft office 2000, MS Access, HTML
Language Skills
Turkish (native), English (fluent), German (intermediate)

All the other entries are optional. Please look through published CVs of JJ/WBGSP scholars and alumni for details.


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