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ASCEND Program

Alumni & Scholars Capacity Enrichment Network for Development (ASCEND) Program

The JJ/WBGSP is pleased to announce the launch of the new Alumni and Scholars Capacity Enrichment Network for Development—ASCEND. ASCEND aims to facilitate life-long knowledge exchange and help scholars and alumni to build upon what they've learned through meaningful engagement with other alumni, current scholars, experts at WBI, the Government of Japan, and development practitioners around the world.


Scaling-Up Asian Regional Conference in Vietnam, May 26, 2006

African Regional Conference in Tanzania, March 6, 2007. Left to right: Hon. Professor Peter Msolla, Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Tanzania; Dr. Stergomena Laurence Tax, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Marketing, JJ/WBGSP former scholar; and H.E. Mr. Makoto Ito, Japanese Ambassador to Tanzania

ASCEND grows out of what was previously known as the Scaling-Up Program, and will carry on many of the former program’s activities. The main difference will be a stronger reliance on technology to deliver learning offerings and to provide alumni and scholars with more regular contact with each other and the development community in general and a close link with the Government of Japan who finance the entire program.

ASCEND ‘s main objectives are to:

  • Create and nurture active JJ/WBGSP alumni networks in countries and regions, connecting them to the World Bank and the Government of Japan.
  • Prepare JJ/WBGSP scholars to return home after completion of their degrees to make full use of their new skills and contacts to enhance the effectiveness and impact of their home institutions.
  • Capture outstanding achievements made by JJ/WBGSP alumni in their post-scholarship career, and showcase their achievements for other development practitioners and policy-makers.
  • Provide JJ/WBGSP scholars and alumni with WBI learning opportunities in areas such as multi-stakeholder coalition building, adaptive leadership, governance, and Japan’s development experiences.

Recent ASCEND activities include the Alumni Study Tour to Japan and the meeting of ALUMCAM - the JJ/WBGSP alumni in Cameroon - and the Scholarships Administration team in Yaounde, Cameroon. A Linked-In professional networking platform will be launched shortly.

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