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The stories published below have been submitted to the JJ/WBGSP Discussion Forum.

Nachiket Mor involved in several projects related to the Development and Poverty Alleviation in India

I am a JJ/WBGSP Scholar of 1991-92 (Ph.D. in Economics from the
University of Pennsylvania with a specialization in Finance
from Wharton -- 1994) and am currently Executive Director of
ICICI Bank -- the 2nd largest bank in India.

We are doing a lot of work in microfinancial services and in other areas
such as Infant Health at Birth (focus on Low Birth Weight) and Universal Elementary Education. All of our work in these areas works with the poorest of the poor in India.

Hong-yi Chen researches poverty problems in the world

I am a JJ/WBGSP scholar of 1991-1993. I earned a Ph.D. in Economics from U.C. Berkeley in 1997, and currently a Professor of Economics at Soka University of America in California, U.S.A.

I enjoyed reading your Discussion Forum messages, and I am so touched by your passion for contribution to the establishment of a better world. I believe that if all of us can make certain contribution, no matter huge or tiny, to achieve this goal, the world will be changed, though we may not see a significant change immediately.

Last Spring, I taught a Learning Cluster class "Observations of Poverty" at our university. (Learning Cluster is a specially designed course in our curriculum, which is concentrated in a 4 weeks block. All students take this class only in the block, which allows a truly hands-on learning by research experience.) In that class, we did some literature research on poverty problems in the U.S. and in the world, and had a few field trips to observe poverty in different regions including Mexico.

Students gave a very high evaluation to this class, and one group of this class won the university's "Excellence in Research" award of 2002.

Eric Guichard formed an investment management firm

I am a 1988 WB Scholar (Guinea) having done an MBA at the Harvard Business School - focusing on capital market and international finance related issues.

After a 6 year stint at the World Bank Treasury I formed an investment management firm (GRAVITAS Capital) assisting Central Banks and other sovereign institutions in the effective management of their foreign exchange reserves.

Our efforts have also focused on developing financial expertise and training investment officers with market acumen. In addition, we have designed several strategies aimed at reducing external debt burdens with minimal impact on National Budgets (Debt Redemption Strategies) thereby providing our sovereign clients with the means to pay off their external obligations while meeting their other domestic priorities.

Our efforts are now centered on improving the management of National Insurance Scheme assets in order to increase the coverage and depth of benefits provided to citizens.

Although our efforts are macro in nature, we feel that improving financial management is an inherent part of the development solution and more importantly to creating financially independent nations. I would be interested in exchanging ideas with people interested in what we do or engaged in similar avenues (pension reform, capital markets development, asset management, insurance reform...)

Mary Onyango currently working at Maseno University in Kenya and carry out research on African indigenous vegetables

I was a JJ/WB scholar in 1992 in the University of London studying a doctorate degree in Horticulture, that was about 10 years ago. I am currently working at Maseno University in my home country, Kenya. I am very grateful to the programme for having sponsored me. I am happy to say that despite all the problems we have in our countries its very gratifying to feel that I am contributing to the development of my country in my own small way.

As a result of the training and skills I received during my studies in the UK, I am involved in training young scholars in the area of horticulture. Kenya is an agricultural country and depends a lot on the horticultural sector for foreign exchange. The trained scholars go out to work in extension and research and they may also be self-employed in an effort to promote the horticulural industry in the country. In addition to teaching at the University I also carry out research on vegetables with particular interest in African Indigenous Vegetables. These are some food plants that have great values and potential that could play a part in the livelihoods of the rural communities in my country.

I am currently involved in research to develop technical packages on the production of African vegetables to communities around the University and the country at large.

I wish to thank the World Bank for opening this chat room (Discussion Forum) for scholars. Lets develop our countries so that we have brain drain from developed to developing countries, lets stop mourning and do the little we can. The little things are the ones that matter and count and eventually form greater things.

Shamshad Ali Khan developed a serious interest for technology policy design and planning

I am from Pakistan. I studied in AIT during 1995-1997 session and got my MBA in Technology Management on JJ/WBGSP scholarship. My twenty months stay in Thailand was full of experiences and still enjoy cherishing my fascinating experiences. Since education standard back in my country is not very high, I was more influenced by the availability of wide range of information.

Technology management was my stringent choice that corresponded to my long back ambition. During my first job in Pakistan, I developed a serious interest for technology policy design and planning and that served as a backbone in my admission. This ambition remained high on my mind, but after coming back to Pakistan I felt the real task has just started. I was of the view that my country needs me badly...

I have grown up in my career and now serving at a high position...

Meynar Sihombing created business to create employment for unemployed villagers Indonesia

I graduated June last year, 2002 from the International University of Japan, Niigata, taking International Development Program. My research of interest was in SME and micro finance development issues. Before studying at IUJ, I work for Private Local Bank in my country, Indonesia, for nearly 11 years. My expertise is in Trade Finance and International Banking business.

As some of us have experienced, I found that finding the right job and organization to work with, is not easy. For a while I felt disappointed too, before I finally think that I could not just wait for some institutions and organizations to hire me, instead, I could do small things on my capacity. So I took a step and just recently start my own activities in development of SE's and micro finance business. The focus is in creating business that would create employment for unemployed villagers. Currently the product we produce is different size of various wood flooring and mosaic wood tile. We export to Singapore and China and hopefully we can expand to many other developing countries as well.

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