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Alumni Projects for Capacity Building


As the World Bank intensifies its focus on building the capacity of countries to make well-informed decisions and carry out effective socioeconomic reforms, the JJ/WBGSP is an invaluable resource for building skills and imparting competencies that are necessary to prosper in the highly interconnected and competitive global economy. Training human resources for the developing world is a major contribution to the sustainable economic development of these countries and the key element for success in the fight against poverty.

Most scholars, 85 percent, are either living and working in their home country or another developing country or employed by multilateral development agencies.

All scholars who have returned to their home country have assumed job responsibilities equal to or greater than those that they had before they accepted the JJ/WBGSP scholarship. More than 40 percent are employed in primarily policy-making related positions. Roughly 60 percent have taken on greater responsibilities than before.

In 2007, the World Bank Institute will celebrate the 20th anniversary of joint efforts with the Government of Japan. This is an opportunity to assess the program's achievements and to highlight the contribution of JJ/WBGSP former scholars to the resolution of the main issues developing countries are facing nowadays.

JJ/WBGSP is publishing information on alumni projects and post-graduate achievements on the scholarships website:



Welcome to submit project photos!

JJ/WBGSP is encouraging Program alumni to present a short story (up to 20-40 lines with 62-64 characters per line) on their project contribution its importance to the development of their own county or country of their residence.

If you have any photos presenting your activities when working at the project, you are also welcome to submit them to

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