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27 Years of JJ/WBGSP





The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program is quite unique among the hundreds of multilateral, bilateral and NGO funded scholarship programs offered to international students. Unlike most of the well known programs it does not focus on a specific region, group, hosting institution or country, or field of study; the only restriction being for the scholars to pursue graduate studies in development-related fields.

The 3,751 scholars supported by the JJWBGSP to date came from almost 150 countries and undertook studies in almost 400 higher education institutions distributed among 40 countries.

The training of thousands of mid-career professionals contributed significantly and undoubtedly to enhance capacity in the developing world in critical areas such as public management and finance, infrastructure projects planning and management, urban and rural development, agriculture and water resources management, environment protection, and public health.


Yokohama National University, 2005. Graduation Ceremony

Meeting in Abidjan, 2006. Participants to the EMP planning meeting


The program also contributed to build-up and support development-related academic programs in more than fifteen universities. In particular, the program contributed to develop the capacity of four African universities through the establishment of Master degrees in Economic Policy Management (EMP). These four programs are providing training to 120 mid-career public sector professionals each year.

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