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Applicant Information: 2015 Cycle

I. Important Information for 2015 Applicants

·The 2015 World Bank (Robert S, McNamara) Fellowships Call for Applications will open on Wednesday January 7, 2015 and will close on Wednesday February 11, 2015. Between these dates the application form will be accessible online through a link posted on this webpage.
II.  Preparing your Application

Step 1.  Determine if you are eligible for this fellowship by carefully reading the eligibility criteria listed below.

2015 Eligibility Criteria:

· Your home country is a World Bank member developing country.
· You are not a dual citizen of a developed country.
· You are currently enrolled in a PhD program in a World Bank member country.
· You will have completed all coursework and exam requirements for your PhD at the time of application.
· You have a master’s degree.
· You are 35 years or younger as of February 11th, 2015.
· You meet one of the following conditions:
  a) You are enrolled in a PhD program in your home country, and not currently employed.
  b) You are enrolled in a PhD program in your home country or another World Bank member country and are working in an academic or research institution in your home country.
· You are accepted as a visiting scholar for a period of six to ten months by a university or research center in a World Bank member country other than your home country.
· Your research proposal is endorsed by your PhD thesis supervisor and your host institution.
· You can begin your fellowship between July and December 2015.
· You are able to complete your proposed fellowship research in 6 to 10 months.
· You commit to returning to your home country to complete your PhD and work after completion of your research.
· You are not an Executive Director, his/her alternate, staff, or consultant of the World Bank Group (the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, International Development Association, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, and International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes), and you do not have any relatives or in-laws who are employed by the World Bank Group in any capacity, including consulting.

NOTE: if you are a lecturer or researcher working in an academic or research institution in a developing country, you are particularly encouraged to apply.

Step 2. Identify the host institution abroad where you want to undertake your research and a host institution research advisor willing to oversee your research.

Step 3. Draft your research proposal for this fellowship period. Key elements should include:
· Objectives and potential contribution of your PhD dissertation research;
· Objectives and expected outputs of the research work you will conduct at the host institution;
· Major research activities and the research team(s) you will work with;
· The resources and support you expect your host institution to provide;
· The reason you chose your host institution and advisor.

Step 4. Share your research proposal and discuss how it fits into the general framework of your PhD with your host institution research advisor and with your PhD thesis supervisor. Inform both advisors that they will need to complete online reference forms as part of your World Bank Fellowship application. The link to these reference forms will be sent to them during the application period.
Please note that this is a very important step, as the World Bank Robert S. McNamara Fellowship Program will be looking closely at information provided by your host institution research advisor and your PhD thesis supervisor in our review of your application.

Step 5. Confirm with your host institution research advisor what resources they, and the host institution, will be able to provide to you free of charge. For example, will they provide you with any of the following items?
• Research guidance
• Office space
• Access to a computer
• Reference books, research publications and/or libraries
• Access to databases
• Access to software        
• Seminars
• Courses

Step 6. Start preparing the following items. You will be required to upload these items into your online application in January.
1. An official document from your institution that states you are currently enrolled as a PhD student and that states you have completed all coursework and exam requirements for your doctoral program.
2. If you are currently employed by an academic or research institution, a proof of current employment.
3. An official diploma of your highest degree earned.
4. A proposed budget for your fellowship. You may refer to this draft World Bank Fellowship budget template for preparing your budget.

Step 7. If you have completed step 1 to 5 above then you are already well on your way to completing your World Bank Robert S. McNamara Fellowship application! Please return to our website in January to access the online application.

Please note that we are not accepting any inquiries or submissions before the application period, January 7 to February 11, 2015.

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