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Agriculture and Rural Development

World Bank Institute: Building capacity for rural sustainability

Rural livelihoods are under significant threat from:
Continuing low performance of the agriculture sector in many countries around the world 
Growing financial, food and fuel crises magnifing existing conditions
Climate change and other pressures to natural resources and ecosystems

To confront these threats, information and knowledge must made available to those who will be most affected by these global problems, most notably the rural poor, with capacity needs of the agriculture sector critically important.

Building the capacity of rural institutions and populations and enhancing skills of individuals working in the agriculture sector is essential for economic growth and sustainable development.

World Bank Institute's Work in Agricultural and Rural Capacity Development

Several of WBI’s diverse learning programs address issues on agriculture and rural development, with many focused on building capacity to design and implement effective and strategic agriculture and rural policies, increase agricultural productivity and efficiency and improve rural livelihoods. 

 WBI’s Water Program is actively engaged with the Africa region to scale up investments in agricultural water development and irrigation. 

 WBI’s Environment and Natural Resources Management Program is developing learning programs to widely disseminate information on adaptation mechanisms and innovations for climate change and global warming. 

 WBI’s programs on Socially Sustainable Development build on efforts to develop community capacity for social accountability, inclusion and cohesion, and encourages transparency and equitable participation of all stakeholders in public decision making.  

 WBI’s Knowledge for Development Program, brings together new knowledge available on agricultural innovations that can be replicated and scaled up to increase the vitality of the agriculture sector in Africa. 

 WBI’s TradePoverty and Growth, and Education programs also address important issues for agriculture and rural development.  

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