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Virtual Resource Centers

A library of resources on various topics, Virtual Resources Centers are created to complement our current program initiatives and global themes of interest.

The program has also a collection of publications available to the public. Click here to access the reports and publications section.

Virtual Resource Centers (VRC)

We have developed some VRCs on certain topics:

Business and the Millennium Development GoalsBusiness Ethics and Anti-CorruptionBusiness Leadership in Fighting HIV/AIDS
 Business, NGOs and DevelopmentCorporate Governance and strategies for Fighting Corruption in East AsiaKey Corporate Responsibility Codes, Principles and Standards
CSR and SMEsCorporate Governance, Codes and StandardsScaling up Poverty Reduction - from the Shanghai Learning Process
CSR within the Food IndustryLinks on Business Ethics and Anti-CorruptionList of organizations doing work on CSR


PSD Blog

DP Creative Capitalism

CNBC Africa Markets interview with Program Head Djordjija Petkoski on supply chain management for companies working in emerging markets.Review corporate responsibility related stories on the World Bank's  Private Sector Development Blog

On January 26th, 2009, the World Bank in association with the Info Shop, presented Creative Capitalism: A Conversation with Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Other Economic Leaders. The event was moderated by Michael Klein, with panelists including the editor Michael Kinsley and dialogue contributors Daniel Kaufmann, John Williamson and Djordjija Petkoski. B-Span 


Article japanese


CSR Baseline Study

Interview in Japanese with Dr. Djordjija Petkoski, The International Development Journal ( pdf, 249 kb)

Baseline Study on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Republic of Macedonia

This Report was carried out within the framework of a regional project funded by the European Union Commission and the United Nations Development Programme. The Baseline study acknowledges the fact that the "concept of corporate social responsibility was introduced in Macedonia on a large scale in March 2002 through the activities of the World Bank Institute...." (page 19 of the brochure) ( pdf, 1,086 kb)

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