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The Business, Competitiveness, and Development Program works directly with the private and public sectors and their key stakeholders to integrate social and environmental responsibility, good governance, accountability and engagement with the poor as vital components of corporate strategy, to promote business contributions to development and enhanced competitiveness.

We provide client learning for the private sector with customized capacity development services. Through client-specific training, knowledge exchange, technical assistance, business advocacy and dialogue, we maximize the capacity of our clients to deliver sustainable results with an emphasis on building effective partnerships and networks across sectors and regions. We provide customized short and long-term programs to both individuals and organizations, at country, regional and global levels.
Reflecting the areas of highest demand from clients and partners, we offer a range of services focusing around these themes:

Inclusive and Sustainable Business
Guiding clients and partners to develop and implement inclusive and sustainable business practices, particularly targeting increased opportunities for poor populations

Private Sector Roles in Fighting Corruption
Facilitating private sector led action for better governance and combating corruption, working with clients and partners to design and adopt anticorruption tools and strategies.

Executive Development Programs
In-depth courses offering insights for building corporate strategies that fight poverty while delivering profits. Business leaders and public officials gain an interdisciplinary perspective on how to align social and environmental issues with corporate strategy, and develop successful business models in low income markets.

Customized Client Learning and Trainings

  • Tailored training programs, including face-to-face and online courses
  • Facilitation of multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • Assistance with corporate strategy and policy development
  • Publications and research and on leadership, thematic developments, cutting-edge innovations and research, and impacts of projects and partnerships
  • Customized learning events (conferences, forums, and workshops)
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Where We Work
As a global program, we work with clients in all World Bank regions. While we do provide in-depth country project support, the majority of our capacity building programs are first targeted at the regional and global levels. Learn about our Global and Regional Initiatives


  • Multi-national companies National firms
  • Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Business organizations
  • Business associations Chambers of commerce Business coalitions
  • Government agencies
  • Civil society organizations
  • Academia

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