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Materials: Economic Benefits of Hydromet Services

Materials (selected) 

Terms of Reference (25kb, pdf)

Agenda (English) (26kb, pdf)

Agenda (Russian) (22kb, pdf)

Background documents

Economic issues relating to meteorological services provision 1 (1.5mb, pdf), 2 (1.6mb, pdf), 3 (2.1mb, pdf), 4 (1.4mb, pdf), 5 (1.5mb, pdf)

WEATHER/CLIMATE SERVICES IN EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA (ECA) in English (44kb, pdf), Russian (46kb, pdf)

Workshop Session 1: Modernization of Hydromet Services

Presentations from country representatives:
Albania Presentation (English)

Armenia 1.Presentation (Russian) 2.Report (Russian)

Azerbaijan  Presentation (Russian)

Bosnia-Herzegovina 1. Presentation (English) 2.Report (English)  3.Report (Russian)

Croatia Presentation (English)

Georgia Presentation (Russian)

Macedonia 1.Presentation (English) 2. Report (English)

Moldova Presentation (Russian)

Russia 1. Presentation (English) 2.Presentation (Russian) 3.Full Text of Presentation (Russian)

Serbia  Presentation (English)

Workshop Session 2: Prioritizing Benefits of Hydromet Services

Presentations from experts:
R. de Guzman, World Meteorological Organization
"Regional Issues in Social and Economic Benefits of Hydromet Services"

K. Demeter, World Bank
"Hydromet Services and Disaster Management"

L. Hancock,
"Indicators for Hydromet Investment" (Presentation)
"Indicators for Hydromet Investment"(Full Text)

V. Tsirkunov, World Bank
"Economic Benefits of Hydromet Services"

M. Smetanina, World Bank
Draft terms of refenrece for studies in six countries, for discussion (English)
Draft terms of refenrece for studies in six countries, for discussion (Russian)

Workshop Session 3: Country Proposals for Joint Work or IFI Involvement

Presentations from Country Representatives

France Presentation

UK Presentation



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