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Quick Facts of Sub-Saharan Africa


Population, total


Population growth
(annual %)


Surface area (sq. km)


Life expectancy at
birth, total (years)


Mortality rate, infant
(per 1,000 live births)


GNI (current US$)


GNI per capita, Atlas
method (current US$)


Prevalence of HIV, total (% of population ages 15-49)    


Source: World Development Indicators 2006  More

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Southern African Urban and Local Government Programme
Africa Regional Seminar on Participatory Budgeting
The African Local Government Action Forum (ALGAF)
The Africa Local Government Action Forum for Francophone Africa (FAGLAF)
Africa Good Governance Program on the Radio Waves - Municipal Finance/Participatory Budgeting
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 Zimbabwe Street Addressing E-Learning Platform 04/17/07 05/30/07
RegionalAfrican Local Government Action Forum (ALGAF) VI: Session 9 – Enhancing the Capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises for Poverty Reduction in Urban Area10/06/0610/06/06
GlobalSeminar: "Serious Play and Urban Planning- Introducing Educational Games in Capacity Building"09/28/06 
RegionalAfrica Local Governance Network



RegionalParticipatory Budgeting Program AfricaSpring 06  
RegionalTransmission of Digital Radio in Africa  
RegionalALGAF 2005-6 (English)07/01/05 06/02/06
RegionalALGAF session recording (Real Media Video File)2005 
Burkina  FasoParticipatory Budgeting17/7/05 12/08/05
EthiopiaALGAF - Ethiopia07/01/05 06/02/06
GhanaALGAF - Ghana07/01/05 06/02/06
KenyaALGAF - Kenya07/01/05 06/02/06
TanzaniaALGAF - Tanzania07/01/05 06/02/06
Tanzania  Local Government Capacity Building Grant System11/03/05   11/03/05
TanzaniaTanzania Municipal Management Seminar05/01/06 06/19/06
TanzaniaTanzania Local Government Action Forum (TaLGAF)2004 

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