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Conferece: Global Partnership of Universities, Academic Institutions, Research Organizations for Disaster Risk Reduction

December 13, 2006, Geneva

The overarching goals of Hyogo Framework of Action, effective integration of disaster risk considerations into sustainable development policies, planning and programming, and strengthening institutions, mechanisms and capacities at all levels, can be achieved by concerted collaboration at the global level.The first meeting of the initiative takes place in December 13, 2006 in Geneva. Representatives from universities and research centers of developing and developed countries, international organizations and agencies will explore the potentials of a global partnership among universities, the expected mutual benefits (networking opportunities, access to faculties and programs of other universities), the modalities of collaboration (twinning arrangements), the areas of joint activities (research, curriculum development), and the schemes for sustainability (membership arrangements). Indicators to monitor and measure the output and impact of the initiative will also be discussed.

To reinforce the efforts of individual organizations, institutions in knowledge generation, dissemination and implementation and to provide a platform for sustained cooperation in research, innovation and education ISDR with support from Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery initiates a Partnership among universities, academic institutions, and research organizations at a global scale.


Target Audience

Universities and research centers with focus on disaster risk reduction.

To download the tentative agenda, please click 
here (word file, 88 kb)

Task Manager: Katalin Demeter
Task Admin: Damon C. Luciano


Materials NEW!
Final Report of the Conference(.pdf document, 155kb)


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