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Approaches to Urban Slums: A Multimedia Sourcebook on Adaptive and Proactive Strategies

The purpose of this multimedia sourcebook is to deal with the complex subject matter of urban slums in the most user-friendly format. In order to do so we have synthesized and provided all of our content in an effective and interactive audiovisual arrangement. We hope this will be a welcome and refreshing alternative to the overwhelming maze of lengthy papers and impenetrable reports on the topic! 

The content in ‘Approaches to Urban Slums’ builds on an extensive body of knowledge that has been accumulated over the last 30 years, and is drawn from a diverse range of sources. We hope that by distilling the key lessons and their implications for future work in this area the multimedia sourcebook will serve as a platform for effective capacity building and learning that will be particularly useful to policy makers, practitioners, planning institutions, community groups, NGOs, universities and students.

Approaches to Urban Slums’ is structured into 4 sections as follows:

1. Adaptive Approaches

This section comprises of 4 self running audiovisual presentations which focus on the question – “What are appropriate adaptive approaches that need to be followed to improve the living conditions of people surviving in urban slums?”

Tonde, Philippines 
Nouakchott, Mauritania    2. Proactive Approaches

section comprises of 4 self running audiovisual presentations which focus on the question – “What are appropriate proactive measures that need to be undertaken to make sure that the rapid urbanization in developing countries does not compel additional migrants and urban dwellers to live in slums?”  

3. Case Profiles

This section profiles cases that are currently being prepared and implemented by the World Bank and the Governments of Afghanistan, Brazil, Ecuador, Mauritania, Tanzania and Vietnam. Each case is first profiled in a self-running audiovisual presentation. To complement this material we also provide video interviews with a manager or member of the World Bank project team for each case.
 Map indicating slum areas to be update

 community led intiatives   4. Topical Discussions 

In this section we use video interviews with a range of key stakeholders to delve deeper into topics and perspectives which are critical to the issue of slums. Some of the topics covered are: community led initiatives, the role of NGOs, the role of land management, innovating with tenure, beneficiary perspectives, planning ahead, the rate and extent of future urban expansion, lessons from the past, city development strategies, and the economics of slum policies.

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