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South-to-South Cooperation Program in Disaster Risk Reduction

The South-South Cooperation Program is a major GFDRR initiative to facilitate collaboration among low- and middle-income countries to mainstream disaster risk reduction and recovery, including climate change adaptation, into development planning. The program objective is to tap on accumulated knowledge of the South and to catalyze peer to peer learning and collaboration by mobilizing leadership, creativity, technical know-how and practical experience of governments, institutions, networks and communities of the South.


South-South Cooperation Program in Disaster Risk Reduction:  
Call for Proposals  Deadline: June 30, 2009

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  • South-South Cooperation Trust Fund for Disaster Risk Reduction: 
    Operations Manual (PDF file, 210KB)

  • South-South Cooperation Program for Disaster Risk Reduction: 
    Policy Brief (PDF file, 122KB)

  • South-South Cooperation Program for Disaster Risk Reduction: 
    Quick Guide  (PDF file, 61KB)
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