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 Damage and Reconstruction Needs Assessment Toolkit

Produced with the Hazard Management Unit and ProVention Consortium


Surviving Disaster Reducing Earthquake Damage Book Cover

Surviving Disaster: Reducing Earthquake Damage

Produced by with the Middle East Technical University
2008, English, Turkish


DRM turkish book cover

Afet Risk Yönetimi - Risk Azaltma ve Yerel Yönetimler
(Natural Disaster Risk Management - Risk Reduction and Local Governments)

Edited by the Katalin Demeter, et al., Foreword by Prof. Necla Pur
2007, Turkish


Role of Governments in Reducing the Risk of Disasters

The Role of Local Governments in
Reducing the Risk of Disasters

Edited by Katalin Demeter, et al.
2006 (2nd Edition), English


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Using Multimedia Technology to Scale Up Disaster Risk Management Training
Disaster Management: Global Challenges and Solutions

Produced by Universities Press
Article by Katalin Demeter and Andrei Tolstopiatenko

2009, English


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