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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing with Tecnológico de Monterrey

March 25, 2009

mouWBI signed a New Memorandum of Understanding with Tecnológico de Monterrey on March 25, 2009.  The Tecnológico de Monterrey has been WBI’s long-term strategic partner over almost a decade.  This partnership has been instrumental in shaping our joint capacity building products and services.  We jointly delivered a variety of distance learning courses on public and private sector related issues, reaching over 30,000 municipal managers and local government officials during this time period.  We have worked together on a variety of topics, including municipal management, e-government, anti-corruption and corporate governance, and urban crime prevention, among others.  We will be expanding to additional areas in the future, such as municipal public private partnerships.  These areas are of growing importance in our urbanizing environment and the demand has been widely recognized.  (on the picture above, from left to right: (standing) Maria Gonzalez de Asis, Govindan Nair, Catherine Farvacque, Sabine Palmreuther, Victor Vergara, Bruno Laporte (all World Bank); (sitting) Laura Ruiz Pérez, Rafael Rangel Sostmann (both Tecnológico de Monterrey), Sanjay Pradhan (World Bank), Patricio López del Puerto (Tecnológico de Monterrey/Virtual University))

Our joint learning programs provide platforms for exchanges and dialogues among practitioners.  The principal outputs of our courses are action learning initiatives, going beyond the courses themselves – and creating vibrant communities of practice to address specific challenges facing local governments.

The principal outputs of the courses are action learning initiatives to address specific challenges facing local governments.  The partnership has also produced a web portal (Centro para Emprendedores de la Administración Pública) serving as a learning and knowledge exchange platform for municipal officials across Latin America.
As we have worked together we have also learned together.  First - we have learned from one another.  Most importantly we have learned together to listen to our clients who have been instrumental in shaping our joint capacity building programs.  Together we have brought a strategic focus but also an ability to improve programs by putting the learners at the center of the pedagogical approach.  However the most important accomplishment has been real change on the ground as a result of action learning.  Hundredths of communities have benefited from reform minded public officials and civic leaders who have had the courage to dream, innovate and implement in the context of our joint learning and have put into action reforms – in areas as diverse as anti-corruption, civic participation, municipal finance and corporate governance.

The new MOU will help solidify WBI's strategic partnership with Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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