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Criteria for Participation

WBI works with local educational institutions or governments to select program participants. All applications will be reviewed and participants will be selected based on


1. Some or all of the following criteria:

  • the relevance of their background and/or experience to the training that is being offered
  • their educational attainment
  • the current position they hold and their occupational duties
  • the relevance of the candidate's institution or organization
  • their proficiency level in the language of instruction
  • their ability to use the content of the course to train others, thereby transferring the knowledge to a wider audience
  • any other prerequisites that may apply to the particular course or seminar

2. Space availability


3. Concern for geographic, gender, or background balance and diversity


4. Confirmation of funding availability when the course or seminar requires payment of a fee


5. Evidence of any endorsements or clearances that may be required by the authorizing government agency (for government officials)


Note: Some WBI activities are by invitation only and not open to public application. Please go to our Calendar of Events to see details on each activity.


Administrative Arrangements
Funding and other administrative arrangements for regional and national activities are handled on a case-by-case basis.


WBI courses may be fee-based or free of charge. If a fee is applicable this will be indicated in the course catalog. Unless specified otherwise, participants are responsible for travel, accommodation, and daily subsistence expenses.

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