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Donors and Partners

The activities of the Education Program are developed and delivered via formal and informal partnerships with public, private and non-governmental organizations in client countries. From providing expertise to staffing, partnerships enable the Education Program to better meet operational needs, and to increase the effectiveness of its courses by adapting content to local priorities. The following list illustrates the range of active partners, donors and technical collaborators.





Internally, collaboration with other programs starts within the World Bank Institute (WBI) itself. Supporting issues such as health and HIV/AIDS, labor market demand, or public sector management, the Education program works closely with WBI sectors such as Knowledge for DevelopmentHealth and AIDSSocial Protection or Governance, through common initiatives and joint offerings at the regional or country level. By providing customized activities that complement the operational, policy and research agenda of the World Bank, the Education program also helps to address the demand for capacity development in the education sector. As such, the program has established a strong synergy with the Bank’s Human Development NetworkRegional Operations,   Development Economics (DEC) and Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM).


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