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Education, Social Cohesion and Diversity: Materials

Materials (selected)

Background Readings

Education for diversity: Investing in Systemic Change through Curriculum, Textbooks, and Teachers
PDF - 177KB
Alan Smith

Violence, Democracy, and Education: An Analytic Framework
PDF - 172KB
Jamil Salmi, The World Bank

Textbooks, Respect for Diversity, and Social Cohesion
PDF - 288KB
Vincent Greaney

Textbooks in South Africa from Apartheid to Post-Apartheid: Ideological Change Revealed
by Racial Stereotyping
PDF - 136KB
Alta Engelbrecht

Romani Children in European Schools: Recent Experience
PDF - 168KB
Maria Andruszkiewicz

Textbook Selection and Respect for Diversity in the United States
PDF - 413KB
Susan Watts-Taffe

Social Analysis in the Design of World Bank Education Projects
PDF - 155KB
Ian Bannon, The World Bank

Diversity-Sensitive Interventions in Curriculum, Textbooks, and Pedagogical Practices: Guidelines for International Assistance Agencies
PDF - 158KB
James Socknat

Romania Teacher Training for Social Cohesion
PDF - 6.4MB
Samuel E. Mclelland, Mihaela Ionescu, Doina-Olga Stefanescu


Session I: Identifying Generic Issues
PDF - 605KB
Peter Buckland, The World Bank

Session II: Specific Issues - Language of Instruction
PDF - 1.7MB
Bob Prouty, The World Bank

Session III: Specific Issues - Textbooks and Material Development
PDF - 117KB
Eluned Robert-Schweitzer, The World Bank

Sierra Leone School-Based Peace Building Initiative
PDF - 354KB
Adriana Jaramillo, The World Bank


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