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Workshop on Science, Mathematics and Technological Innovation Program

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Computer class at ENA school for distance learning in Cote d Ivoire


February 17-19, 2009

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan, February 17-19, 2009
Agenda (PDF, 48Kb)

Building on recent World Bank research on the development of science, technology and innovation capacity and its links with sustainable growth and poverty reduction as well as other analytic work on the teaching of science, mathematics and technology, the workshop supported novel and useful policy strategies to improve the quality of the teaching of these content areas in the education systems of developing countries, with a focus on countries in Africa and Asia.  

The workshop discussed the need to develop capacity in developing countries to address the challenges in policy initiatives facing the entire education sector: primary, secondary, vocational and higher education. It had a strong focus on four factors:

a) strategic policy initiatives to foster the development of Science, Mathematics and Technological Innovation (SMTI);
b) the development of relevant skills and competencies related to SMTI;
c) preparation, development and management of SMTI teachers throughout the education system; and
d) the role and varieties of public-private partnerships in the reform of SMTI education to create flexible, demand-driven learning systems.


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