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Transforming Tertiary Education for Innovation and Competitiveness

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June 6 - 9, 2011

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Bali, Indonesia

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April 20, 2011)

The last twelve months have clearly demonstrated how interconnected the modern, globalised world has become. The unprecedented speed of change, in financial and economic terms for example, has demanded swift and coordinated international responses. The implications of this new global environment for national economic, social and educational planning are manifold.

Despite the crisis, or even because of the crisis, tertiary education is assuming a more influential role in making countries more competitive and adjusting the labor force to rapidly changing economies.

The knowledge economy is constantly changing, and while competition steadily escalates, skills and technological knowledge quickly depreciate.

The scope to compete on a cost basis is progressively more limited for many countries, and consequently their capacities for knowledge creation and application – in which tertiary level education and research play a fundamental role – are increasingly becoming an engine of growth.

Tertiary education therefore constitutes an important means to build competitive advantages, and a driving force for sustainable economic and social development. Furthermore, an educated population is better equipped to confront (and tends to recover more rapidly from) external shocks, such as those induced by the economic, financial, food, and fuel crisis.

The key components of the course will address issues of access, equity, quality, relevance, curriculum and pedagogical innovations, and governance and finance within tertiary education. Cross-cutting issues such as the role of universities in economy and society and the construction of innovative partnerships in education and research will also be incorporated.

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