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Transforming Tertiary Education for Innovation and Competitiveness

BackgroundObjectivesAgenda selectedParticipantsApplication

June 6 - 9, 2011, Bali, Indonesia

The course would be organized around three conceptual components. It would begin with an introduction of the larger socio-economic shifts occurring outside the education sector that generate pressures for changes within tertiary education. The second element of the course would analyze the main topics likely to appear on a tertiary education reform agenda, including access, equity, quality and relevance, as well as governance and finance, and innovative partnership in tertiary education. The remainder of the Course would present selected tools for tackling the reform agenda and allow participants to combine them into possible implementation strategies.


Monday, June 6

Module 1

Module 2

Tuesday, June 7

Module 3

Wednesday, June 8

Module 4

Module 5

Thursday, June 9

Module 6

Module 7

Friday, June 10


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