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Climate Change: Mitigation & Adaptation

The World Bank Institute helps  strengthen the capacity in client countries to respond adequately to the challenges and opportunities that climate change and variability pose to development through:

  • Scaling-up existing capacity development activities under CF-Assist to aid carbon market development;
  • Developing a comprehensive climate adaptation capacity program aimed at different stakeholders, different sectors and different sets of countries; and
  • Building capacity to put into practice low carbon growth instruments to capacity to move towards a low carbon development path and to build more climate resilient societies. 

This will be done specifically through:

  • Development of knowledge products, based on good practices and analytic work from within and outside the World Bank Group (WBG); 
  • Knowledge sharing to create awareness, build technical skills, form networks and identify leaders/champions in order to create a better informed constituency who will have a critical mass of expertise to respond to climate change in client countries;
  • Facilitating forums and consultations in select countries and regions to enhance the understanding of the impacts of present climatic extremes on economic development, and encourage knowledge exchange on options for coping with such events; and
  • Supporting knowledge application to formulate strategies and policies within a wider development agenda, and facilitate their implementation through piloting activities; this would include strengthening of partner institutions to scale-up capacity development.

There are two main sub-programs on climate change.  The Climate Change Mitigation aspect of this sub-program aims to improve the capacity of project developers and financial intermediaries to design projects that will lead to high-quality emission reductions and that will be eligible for registration under the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation. It is implemented as the World Bank’s Carbon Finance Assist Program (CF Assist).  Activities are implemented at national and regional level (e.g. the Africa Assist and Central American CF-Assist) and  the annually held Carbon Expo (worldwide). These activities include a range of skills building for reducing or capturing carbon emissions including through small scale projects on renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste-to-energy conversions  as well as building national capacity to participate in the growing carbon market. 


The Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability aspect of this sub-program will focus on raising awareness and increasing understanding among select groups of stakeholders (government, non-government and civil society). There will be concerted effort to (i) foster networks that would help link climate adaptation and economic development; (ii) develop learning packages which capture processes used for incorporating climate adaptation into development or sectoral policies, and good practices from pilot adaptation programs; and (iii) help apply existing tools and technologies to catalyze the development/adoption of new approaches and tools.




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