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 The Finance Program

Policymakers and practitioners face a host of challenges in the financial sector, from achieving stability to promoting growth, developing diversity, and improving regulation. While no country or institution holds the answers to these questions, the Financial Sector Learning Program has played a valuable role in building dialogue across countries and between the public and private sector. Participants share the lessons they have learned from experiences in their own countries and collaborate to define best practices in the financial


sector and build communities of practice for addressing policy problems. Since its inception in 2000, the program has combined skills training with policy dialogue to promote the healthy development and regulation of banking systems, capital markets, insurance, contractual savings, pension industries, and payment and financial technologies. The program also promotes awareness of best practices to counter money-laundering and the financing of terrorism.



Recently, the program has expanded and tailored its training to specific technical needs. New activities are designed to complement the Financial Sector Assessment Program. This training provides national authorities with a strategic framework within which to undertake financial sector strengthening recommended in an FSAP. Earlier, in 2002 the Core Curriculum for Insurance Supervisors was established in collaboration with the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, with training modules addressing the technical and policy issues of insurance supervision.



The Program also strives to address financial sector challenges at the regional and country-level, offering regional workshops on housing finance, payments system reform, and non-bank financial institutions; and country-based roundtables for bank executives, workshops on risk management, e-finance and credit reporting, and policy dialogues. By leveraging Internet and videoconference technologies, and working with global and local partners, the Financial Sector Capacity Enhancement Program serves clients around the world, offering cutting-edge policy advice with regional context.

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