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E-learning refers to the use of computer-based electronic technologies of Internet, e-mail, websites and CD-ROMs, and their applications, to deliver, facilitate and enhance both formal and informal learning and knowledge sharing at any time, any place and at any pace.


Distance Learning Courses


The World Bank supports advanced learning techniques that remove limitations of time and space and reach larger groups of participants throughout the world. Continuous learning has never been more accessible than it has become with new Internet and satellite learning applications. As a part of this effort, the Financial Sector Learning Program offers distance learning courses via videoconferencing and the web.


The Financial Sector Learning Program has developed two distance learning products for our staff and clients:

  • Financial Sector Policy Global Dialogues Series (interactive video conference)
  • Distance Learning Courses (video conferencing and web-based learning)

The Financial Sector Policy Global Dialogues Series brings together senior policymakers in clients’ countries to discuss the current and pressing policy issues in the financial sector on a monthly basis via the Global Distance Learning Network (GDLN) of the World Bank. Currently, more than 30 GDLN centers are operating on the network, and more centers are being built or connected every month.


Distance learning courses are offered on topics that are of interest to the participating countries. It is usually composed of five or six modules with video conferencing, web-based learning, and a discussion forum. Currently, two distance learning courses have been developed in the Financial Sector Learning Program, one on microfinance and the other on insurance supervision. Other programs, in collaboration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System are under consideration.

Currently, all distance learning courses are offered in English. Efforts are being made to convert the materials into other languages.


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