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Sixth Annual Seminar on Policy Challenges in the Financial Sector

Materials (selected)

Day 1

Session 1: Cross-Border Supervisory Cooperation under the (draft) Revised Basel Core Principles and Basel II 

Session Chair: Kerstin af Jochnick, Head, Prudential Supervision Department, Financial Supervision Service, Sweden

Karl Cordewener, Deputy Secretary General, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Switzerland

Session 2: Industry Perspective—How to Please Multiple Country Supervisors

Everett Schenk, CEO North America Corporate and Investment Banking, BNP Paribas and Chairman, Institute of International Bankers, New York

Session 3: How to Supervise Internationally Active Banks —  Key Challenges and Practical Solutions

Shunsuke Shirakawa, Director, International Banking, Financial Services Agency, Japan

Ramón Quintana, Executive Coordinator of the Department of Large Banks, Bank of Spain 

Session 4: Building Practical Arrangements for Cross-Border Supervisory  Cooperation

Delia Cárdenas, Superintendent of Banks, Superintendency of Banks of the Republic of Panama 


Session 5: Cross-Border Supervisory Cooperation — A Host Country Perspective

Tadeusz Parys, Director, Bank Licensing Division, General Inspectorate of Banking Supervision, National Bank of Poland

José Sidaoui, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Mexico

Session 6: Cross-Border Crisis Management

Pedro Gustavo Teixeira, Principal Expert, Directorate Financial Stability and Supervision, European Central Bank, Germany

Rupert Thorne, Member of Secretariat, Financial Stability Forum, Bank for International Settlements, Switzerland

Session 7: Cross-Border Bank Insolvency

Session Chair: Erwin Nierop, Deputy General Counsel, European Central Bank, Germany (Presented by Pedro Gustavo Teixeira)

Mark Carawan, Internal Audit Director, Barclays Internal Audit, Barclays P.L.C.

Day 3

Session 10:   Cross-Border Supervisory Cooperation—Regional Developments 

Session Chair: Teo Swee Lian, Deputy Managing Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore

Ahmad Jachi, First Vice-Governor, Central Bank of Lebanon

Yvette Singh, Deputy Registrar of Banks, South African Reserve Bank



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