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Sixth Annual Seminar on Policy Challenges in the Financial Sector

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June 7 – 9, 2006

The Federal Reserve Building and The World Bank Building

Washington, DC


The seminar is part of the Annual Meeting of Deputy Governors of Central Banks series which was inaugurated in June 2001.  It has become an annual gathering for high-level officials with specific expertise and interest in banking regulation and supervision to discuss pressing issues of the day and to share their experiences.

This year, the theme of the seminar will be Cross-Border Supervisory Cooperation. Against the background of the rapid internationalization of financial markets, this theme seems especially topical. In the experience of the Fund and the Bank based on their Basel Core Principles assessments, this area requires strengthening in many countries. Also, as you are aware, Basel II will require that countries work together more closely in day-to-day supervision of internationally active banking organizations. In the framework of Basel's Accord Implementation Group, guidelines are being developed for a more effective cooperation in the context of Basel II. Also, substantial efforts are underway in the EU to bring about a more effective structure for cross-border supervisory cooperation and crisis management.


For more information contact:


Mr. Ernesto Aguirre                                     


Financial Sector Operations and Policy

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Uloaku Echebiri                                

Financial Sector Learning Program

The World Bank Institute

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Demet Cabbar

Learning Coordinator

Financial Sector Network

World Bank

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