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Core Curriculum on Insurance Supervision

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The World Bank, and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS)


Recognizing the urgent need for insurance supervisory agencies in developing countries to develop and build supervisory capacity, in October 2002 the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, the World Bank Financial Sector Vice Presidency, The World Bank Institute and the Financial Stability Institute jointly launched a project to develop a Core Curriculum on Insurance Supervision. Since then, the Core Curriculum project has developed training materials in many issues related to the insurance industry and supervision to support dissemination of and skills building related to the recently agreed upon Insurance Core Principles and Methodology . Two regional pilot workshops are planned for 2005-2006. The first pilot will be held in Jordan, under the auspices of the Insurance Commission of Jordan (ICJ), from November 21-24, 2005. Check this site regularly for more information on the second pilot.


For more information contact:


Craig Thorburn

Senior Financial Sector Specialist

Financial Sector Operations and Policy

Telephone: +1-202-473-4932



Susan Wilder

Financial Sector Specialist

Finance and Private Sector Division

The World Bank Institute

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